Monday, May 3, 2010

Moonlit walks and gardening.

Hullo world! I came across this icon, and thought it was adorable. It's a reference to John Green's Paper Towns.

I shall share another noxyism:
Don't you though? haha hehe haha. I like this one, but at the same time I don't, because dammit, the grammar is off. I don't mind if you don't capitalize, but they've gone and capitalized the first "I" but not the second! Choose one or the other dude!!! Grrr.

So a buddy on the ED forum showed everyone a fun site called Photofunia. So, naturally, folks posted their funia involving ED's. I made like, 12 or so, but only chose to show 9. The others just weren't good enough. lol. My favorite one that I posted was probably this one:
Though I dunno what he's planning on doing with that orange pastel on her lovely black hair. AWAY WITH YOU ORANGE PASTEL!!! *cough* Where was I?

Oh right, I also messed with some non-ed pictures too, and thought I'd share. Hee.

Hahahaha... heehee heeehehee. Ahem. Yeah sorry, I had to try it. On to the others. lol.

That one's my Therenoxy of course. I think she looks good as a tattoo.

And my favorite one:
I actually liked this one so much I changed my Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and msn messenger profile pics to it. lol. Hee ha hee hee ha.

So as I mentioned in a previous post, I've been going on walks at night. I prefer the night, because I'm extremely anti social, and in the day people can see you better. In fact, this is the main reason why I have yet to try geo caching - something I was interested in for a bit. To actually find the items you may be looking for, it's probably best to go in the daytime, with light. Oh well. So yeah, night walking. I don't go to see anyway. I go because I enjoy the outside air, the calm of the night, and I want to try and be a bit more active. So I mainly just walk in a circle over and over again. (the circle is approximately 15 minutes big. lol) A few days ago, I was walking, staring at the ground, and talking to myself, (this is how I keep occupied for long moments in time) and for no reason, I chose to look up. And I saw... a chair. This place I walk around has baseball diamonds and soccer fields in it, and along the road side there are small areas in which to park. And there was a chair sitting in one. It was odd, because I was staring at the ground, and then for no reason at all, I seemed to look straight at this chair. Like my mind was like "Hey! That's not supposed to be there!" And made me look up. lol. So I pulled out my phone and snapped some pics. lol.

And then I took a picture of the moon:
Then I took a picture of... a lump. ROFL
Heee. Okay it's not a lump. It's actually a bunny, but I couldn't get close enough to take a better picture, (on my phone?? I would have had to have held the damn bunny for an acceptable picture! lol) so yeah, lump bunny would have to do.

So the next night I decided to actually bring my camera. I was curious to find out if the chair was still there, even though I deemed it unlikely since there happened to also be a school on one side of this circle. People would notice a chair sitting out there.

Ha! the info on these pics below say they were taken on the 28th. Yay technology!
This time when I walked, I looked up near the area where the chair was. It wasn't there. So I looked at the other little parking areas. Nope. Oh well. I took a pic of the moon.

And then it happened again. By the time I got around to the other side of the circle, (near the school) I was walking with my head down, talking to myself. And then I looked up. I stared straight at the roof of this pavillion sort of thing, but this time, I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at. My mind, again, said "that's not supposed to be there!" only this time, my answer was "what's not???"

I had to up the "Gamma" in this shot, because it came out so incredibly dark. Do you see it? Eventually I did. Ha.

The chair!! It had been moved! ROFL.

Taking pics of the chair with the flash on was a good idea in one way, because you can see it now, as opposed to turning up the gamma to sorta see it. lol. But then it was also a bad idea, because the unidentified flashes drew the attention of a passing by car, that turned in to the school parking lot to investigate. Dang people. Who drives around at.... *checks technology* 10:23pm. Okay, I didn't realize I had gone on this walk so early. ROFL. Normally I'm out and about at somewhere between 2am and 4am. So yeah, I hid behind the bushes, and the car eventually wandered off. And then I took one more pic.

Now, do you see those tiny lights in the distance? Those are street lights on the other side of the circle, right where the parking areas are. The light dot on the left of the middle is where I found the chair the night before. So yeah, someone decided to take the chair all the way across the circle, and stash it up near the school. lol.

The next night it was gone, and though I looked, I couldn't find the chair anymore. I didn't get any "look that way!" mind messages either. Oh well. lol.

Last Friday:
That's the moon, and below it is a large rock. But good luck seeing it. Ha.

I liked this picture, even though it's just black nothing with a side of moon. lol.

I turned up the gamma on this one. I wanted to show you - that night I wandered out of my circle and down the street a bit more. There's a lake. It was very pretty. And I took pictures. It's a bit frustrating that I could see the lake and everything on my lcd screen of my camera, and yet when the pictures show up on my puter, I get a whole lot of nothing unless I mess with the pic.

On the way back to my circle from the lake, I think I might have seen a coyote. I've never seen one in real life though, so I can't really be sure. My brother says he sees them all the time, so I'm thinking maybe yes. It was either a coyote or a tall, really thin dog. It sort of ran away from me, and I felt bad, because it was headed in the direction of my circle, and I didn't want it thinking I was following it. I got my camera out to see if I could take a picture of it if I encountered it again, but no. I did see it again, a bit down the circle, but it saw me too, and scampered away before I could take a pic. I didn't see it again, which was good, because again, I didn't want it to think I was following it.

On to... a problem I tend to have. I don't always seem to think things through completely. I think "yeah!!" before I think "hmm, that might not be a good idea...." while other times, it's the other way around. Friday, it was the first way.

You see, I watch John and Hank Green (the vlogbrothers) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, because those are the days they put their vlogs up. And on the 21st of April, John posted a video about his planned birthday project for Hank.

This video basically explains that nerdfighters all over the world should plant trees, plants and seeds, take pictures or video of it, and email the pics and vids to John. Then John takes all of it, and sticks it in a video for Hank. My mind immediately thought "YEAH!!!" but then it realized that I had no plants, seeds, or trees. And I was sad. lol. Then on Friday, John mentioned at the end of his vid that there was still time to participate in the project. And my mind thought of a solution to my problem. I told my mom "I feel like planting something." and she and I went to my dad and asked if he would get me a plant to plant. ROFL. This, is a regular occurrence in this house. Not my want to plant something, oh no, I don't think I've ever stated that I felt like planting anything. No, it's just my want to do something. It's normally random, and often comes out of nowhere.
"I feel like riding a bike..." *hasn't ridden a bike in fifteen years*
"I feel like having bangs/fringe" *hasn't had bangs in thirteen years*
"I feel like making chicken..." *Hasn't felt like making chicken in ten years*
"I want a ukulele" *Has never shown an interest in learning an instrument*

Some of these wants may not be random to me, but will sound random to them..

"I'm driving three hours to Wisconsin to go to an art gallery!" *never gone to an art gallery*
"I'm going to a book signing!" *never been that interested in books"
"I feel like planting a plant" *never liked the idea of gardening*

And so on and so forth. Sometimes they ask why, but often times they don't, because often times I have no answer. lol. So my dad gave me a couple bucks, and I wandered off to find a plant. Tulip bulbs were on sale when I went, so I grabbed some of them too.

Saturday I spent most of my time working on a Kyootee, and finished that at around 3am. The plan was to catch a couple hours sleep, then go planting at around 7am. But I hit the ED forum, and then got distracted online while trying to look for something, (total stalker moment) and then it was 4am. So I was like "psch, why the heck should I sleep now? I can sleep after I plant!" And at 6am, I noticed it was daylight. Yay! (I wanted to do this as early in the morning as possible. Early in the AM on a Sunday = less people) My mom got home just after I snapped some pics of myself though, and she felt like chatting for a bit, so I didn't actually start until around 7am anyway.
This is our entire set of gardening tools. ROFL. My mom said I should have asked my dad if I could get us some other stuff too, like, a spade and some gardening gloves. But, knowing I probably won't be going gardening again any time soon, I told her I'd manage. I grabbed some scissors, thinking they could act as a spade if needed, and figured dirt won't hurt so I didn't need gloves. So I go outside, and, seriously, had one of the ditzyest moments ever. I'm digging up some dirt, and I notice...

Bugs. BUGS. I am flipping TERRIFIED of bugs and yet I think "yay!! let's go gardening!"
?!?! ?!?! ?!?!
I. am. a. frickin'. genius. Man. And what's worse, the bug I happened across during my moronic epiphany moment was this HUGE orange looking centipede creature! The more legs a bug has, the more it FREAKS ME OUT. Once I noticed that bug, I noticed the slugs and the spiders.... oh boy. (there were worms too, but worms, for some reason, are the only bugs I don't mind) The ONLY lucky thing about this was I had yet to physically touch the dirt, I was using the shovel thing. I couldn't stop my gardening project though, my dad let me get a plant! I ran inside and threw on someone's old winter gloves. At least, I think they're old. I found a pile of gloves in the closet and these were at the bottom. lol.

So there's me with the plant. It's a red campion. Since John said in the vlog that all things planted would then be called Hank plants/trees, this plant's name is now Hank Campion.

There's Hank Campion in his new home. Around him are twelve Hank tulip bulbs too. Tulip bulbs are supposed to be planted in the fall. Since I planted them in the spring, that means they won't bloom until next spring. But hey, it's the thought that counts right?

And here's Hank Campion posing with Nerdfighter Hank the Kyootee (my project I worked on Saturday)
I found that rock and stuck it there specifically so the Kyootee would have something not dirt to stand on. lol.

So yeah, the Kyootee. A few posts ago, I showed you my John Green Kyootee:
And mentioned how frustrated I was for not taking pics before I packaged him.

Anyhoo, I decided Hank should not be without Kyootee either, so I planned on making him one. And I spent Thursday, most of Friday, and most of Saturday working on it. The best part? He's not yet packaged, so I was able to take pics before packaging! YAY.
Tada! There's Hank with his goodies.

This is Hank's guitar. I tried to get it as close to his real one as possible. lol.
That's Hank and his guitar.

And there's his corndogs. Hank loves corndogs. Hee.

Kyootee Hank presents a problem though. One I knew I'd have if I chose to make him. I don't have an address to send him to. With John's kyootee, I was able to just give it to him in person. But I don't know when I might see Hank. I know of three things he's doing this year. All of which are on the west coast and are not at all likely possible for me to go to. (w00tstock on May 7th in Seattle, again on May 8th in Portland, and then VidCon July 9-11th) I did a bit of stalker researching online, (what kept me up til 4am) and did come up with an address for him, but I don't feel comfortable sending it there unless it's confirmed that that is his address. So when I emailed John with my plant photos, I also explained my Kyootee birthday present situation, and asked if they had a PO Box I might be able to send it to... and if they didn't, I asked if the address I found was correct. Thing is, I'm not entirely sure John will respond. So I may end up holding on to Kyootee Hank for a while.

Still talking about Kyootees, I've decided I'm going to make myself one. Likely of Niz, but I'm not sure yet. Not because I want one really, but rather, because I like to make the Kyootees somewhat similar in height and width, and in order to do that, I borrow my dad's to compare it to. And sometimes I feel like I have my dad's Kyootee more often than he has it. I thought about tracing it, but I'd really rather have a 3D version I can look at. So the solution is to make myself one. I may not even make it of anyone, it might just be a bald, plain white Kyootee. Just something so I don't have to keep borrowing my dad's. Okay, enough talky talky for one night... er... morning. Hmm... to sleep or not to sleep...

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