Monday, April 9, 2012

BEDA fail

Ha. Yeah. Fail. I wrote that last post on Thursday, then I came home from Chicago on Friday and completely forgot all about BEDA. It wasn't until late last night (past midnight) that I remembered. So sad. Ah well. What's done is done. I'll still be attempting to continue BEDA for the remainder of the month. And then maybe add some posts to next month to make up for the three I missed.

What's kind of frustrating at the moment is that I don't have access to my photos at this moment, so I can't add pictures to my posts, which I love doing. For instance, Saturday was my future sister-in-law's wedding shower. And it was lots of fun and I wanted to throw some pictures in about it, but alas, I cannot. At least, not right now anyhow. Mayhaps I'll attempt to add it to the list of future posts I intend to write up. Then again, mayhaps I'll just end up forgetting. Ha.

So I'm back in Chicago. lol. I spent the weekend at home (well... I slept at home at least) and then headed back out here with my guy last night. I won't be spending the entire week here this time though. Just until tomorrow. Then Friday is C2E2, (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo) so I'm really excited about that one. I promised myself I would take more pictures this time, because I went last year, and it was my first convention so I was a bit hesitant to take pictures or do much else but wander the vendor room. My guy is coming with on Friday, then my dad is coming with on Saturday and Sunday. (unsure if my guy will be joining us those days) It's going to be fun! I should wander over to the site sometime and check to see if they have their schedule up yet. I'd like to attend some of their events this year. Last year we totally missed out. Plus, John Barrowman is going to be there Saturday, so I'm kind of really excited to see him. Hee.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

movies and food

Trying this a different way now. writing it up elsewhere and then I'll paste it in. we'll see how this goes. At the moment, I'm writing this and watching surf's up. I love this movie. It's so cute but I don't have it and I've been wanting to watch it for forever. The other night I watched Memoirs of a Geisha. Same thing basically for that movie- really liked it, don't have it, been itching to Watch it. Yay. And... Yeah. The program I was previously using apparently had a character limit. Good to know, see, because now I know that app is essentially useless. Yay.

My guy is currently making ribs. He can cook. I had to remove our smoke detector on our first floor because it kept going off whenever I cooked. He fascinates me. Lol. In so many more ways than just cooking, but I'll save that for another time. And as soon as I'm no longer writing posts via phone, I'll be including pictures for sure.

I posted another video again this week. Two Weeks in a row! Woot! It's a boring video though, I'm lazy vlogging it before the train I had to catch yesterday. So that means, basically, it's me rambling for four minutes. And I can't remember, but it wouldn't surprise me if I said something like "this is going to be a short video". cuz I tend to say that a lot, even though it's not a short video. Lol.

I want a shell necklace... I should wander a beach sometime... (referring back to Surf's Up now... Cody wears a necklace with a "Z" on it) I can totally make my own necklace. Yep.

This food smells yummy... Yep, and it's delicious. I'm a lucky gal.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I'm home right now, but not for long. I have to catch a train in the next hour, though I haven't exactly decided on which train to grab, and considering the fact that my hair is still wet and I'm sitting here in my undies... (tmi? Sorry. lol) I'm thinking it might not be at least within the next twenty minutes or so. So I thought I'd throw a post up now rather than attempt to write another one on my phone. However, I might end up writing a couple of phone posts tomorrow and possibly Friday anyhow, since I'm on my way back to Chicago soon. Yeah... I think I'm going to give myself twenty minutes to write this or so. If you read last year's BEDA, you'll probably notice these posts are a bit shorter. lol. While I'm not trashing the long posts completely this year, I also promised myself last year that if I did this again, I wouldn't try so hard to write so much. I'd accept whatever length I end up with when I'm done with the writing.

Of course, now that I'm sitting here with the intention of writing something, I can't think of anything. Dang. So, I guess mayhaps this will be a pretty short post. lol. Figures. I have a chance to write something whilst not on my phone, and I can't rightly think of anything. Gah. My phone sucks for writing stuff I think. I have a great phone, but when it comes to the little boxes that these websites give you to write in... it freaks the eff out. I couldn't write anymore last night because it wouldn't let me. lol. Hmmm... mayhaps I'll try to write the post on a different program first, then just copy and paste it all in to the blogger thing. Yeah... we'll see if that works yo. Toodles for now. :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

phone post

Another blog entry. Three for three. Woot. I'm currently writing this away from home, just to make sure I get it done. At the moment I'm visiting Chicago, which is only about an hour or so, away from home, but all the same, it's different. because I actually spent the night. Not just a day trip. Craziness. But I decided to try BEDA, and though I hadn't expected to not be home, I'm still having a go. So, I'm sitting here on a bed that's not mine, in the dark, on my phone - which, btw, is driving me insane as I try to write this- writing a blog entry whilst I'm not currently doing anything. And I'm fairly happy anyway. Heh. Happy. It's a weird feeling - happy. I haven't felt this truly happy in a long while. Actually, I'm not entirely sure I've ever felt this happy. And that kind of scares me. I feel like something is bound to go wrong. That there's some hidden reason I was never meant to be happy. Which is ridiculous. Why can't I be happy? I suppose my paranoia has to do with my pessimism. I'm attempting to accept it.

if you haven't guessed yet, I met a guy. And he's amazing and smart and funny and sweet and sings along to the radio. He's everything I've ever thought to want and it makes me terrified because I don't want to mess anything up. At the same time, he makes me feel like I can be myself around him, something I rarely feel like I can do around even my friends. I've fallen for this guy, and the feelings I have for him feel so foreign to me I don't know what to do. I'll probably write more on him later. I mean, I have a whole month to make posts for, right?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Second day, second topic(s)

I'm sitting here wondering what to write. How to space out these things I feel like talking about. Hmm.

Alright, seeing as how I haven't posted anything since July, and I was still posting BenPals vids, let's have a go at talking about those vids I haven't shared. Probably not all of them... because there's quite a few... but I'll share a bit.

I think the first vid I'll share was in August... I believe the challenge was to do something dangerous, and seeing as how I'm scared of heights, I did a video on the roof.

This video entertains me because I'm so scared and I'm not even on like... the roof roof. There's a higher level, and I'm on the garage and I'm still scared. Plus, I cut my hair shortly before that video. And I talk about going to the Star Trek convention. Mayhaps I'll talk about that con and maybe Comic Con in a future BEDA. Oooo C2E2 is happening in a couple weeks, I'll be able to post about that too. Woot.

The next vid I'd like to share is from September. The challenge was for each person to give the next person the title to their video. Does that make sense? Like, since I'm Thursday, I tell Friday (BenBen) that the title of their video is "Why Lamps are so Attractive". And Wednesday (Amanda) informed me that my title was "The Adventures of Mr Toast and Seal Man".

But the thing was.... Monday (Callie) titled Tuesday's (Jaine) "The Laundromat of my Choosing and the Epic of its Romance with the Fire Station". And I immediately had an idea for a video based on that title. So I ended up doing a video that used both titles. lol.

I very much enjoy the first minute and a half or so of that video.

The next vid is from October (maybe I'm just sharing one vid a month?)
It features a homemade Halloween costume.

Yep. I was a present for Halloween. And it entertained me.

That's a pic of Nuba, (my future sister) myself, my brother, and my dad at Nuba's Halloween party. I think we're a pretty cool group of people. :)

The next vid talks about an entire year of BenPals.

I spent most of that video rambling on about the differences between "2010 noxy" and "2011 noxy".

The next video is Christmas Eve, and I use my phone to record it.

I'd gotten the phone earlier in December as an early Christmas present, which was awesome, because it's my first smart phone. And it's lovely.

And the last vid I'll share is from January, I posted twice in January, then stopped posting. This one is the first January vid. (The second one I'd rather not share because I wasn't very happy in it)

I'm just doing some lip synching and sharing some of the presents I got for Christmas here.

And there you have it! Six videos from the six months I did videos since last posting here. Ha. Lots of fun yo.

Okay there. Day two complete.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attempting BEDA... Round 1

Hey folks!! I'm actually a bit surprised I actually decided to do this, seeing as how I only realized BEDA was coming up just this past Tuesday. I decided Thursday that I would actually attempt this. I figure it should work, seeing as how my last post (aside from the short one in January) was waaaay back in July. It'll be fine. I can do it. Maybe. I dunno. Probably not. No promises. lol. You can see I have the utmost confidence in myself when it comes to doing BEDA this year. Hee.

A short update referring to my last post? I did not do my resolutions. ROFL. Fail. In fact, I know I had at least six resolutions... and I can't remember a one. One was probably to lose weight. But ehhhh... I can't recall. That's the problem with not writing down resolutions when you normally don't make them to begin with... good luck remembering them when you fall off the wagon. Ah well. No harm done.

Another update? I'm back in There.

They opened to old members a few months back, but then by December they started charging. And I was unable to go back in. But a There buddy decided to give me a late birthday present and got me a couple months in. It's lovely. There is a MMOSG that closed down a couple years ago. But they're attempting another go, and I'm delighted by this. :) It's good to have somewhere to go again.

Another update, I stopped doing BenPals videos for a couple months. Not purposely, and honestly I'm itching to get them going again, but I did stop. The second to last one I posted was in January, in the middle of an awful time for me. I eventually got better, but still hadn't picked the camera up to have a talk. Of course, I just posted a vid this past Friday, so let's see if that becomes a more regular thing now. 

It was weird... saying "Hey BenPals" and talking to the camera when it feels like it's been so long since I've done that. I mean... It's only been two months, which doesn't seem like much, but I'd been pretty consistent in making videos (Except for a week or two break every now and again) for over a year. So it was weird. I'd like to ideally do a video this Thursday too. We'll see if that happens. Ha. What I SHOULD do is start planning it out now. I mean, it's not going to be anything special... just another random catchup video, but if I have some sort of plan down, I might be more likely to actually make it.

Annnnd.... we're going to end this here. BEDA day one complete.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Oh hey there.... blog. You're still here, are you? Craziness.

Been a long time since I've blogged. Ha. Fail. I don't know, I guess I lost interest. I mean, I know I have, because occasionally I'll think, "Hey! I haven't written in my blog lately!" And my immediate response to that is usually, "So?"

But here I am. Writing. It will be short though. To wish anyone who comes across my blog a happy happy New Year. Hope this year's lovely for you.

This year, I'm going to do something I haven't really done since grade school, and even back then I was forced. I'm going to make resolutions. Weird. When I was little, I never saw the point - still don't really - so I always made some stupid resolution, like "I resolve to do my homework every night". So this year I'm actually making some, and seeing where that leads. Of course, I won't be posting them here, because even if I'm deciding to do something different and making resolutions and all, I still don't see a point in sharing them. I mean, what, that way I can share with the world that I failed them? Don't most resolutions not work anyway? LOL. No, I shall keep them to myself, and mayhaps, if I'm successful, mayhaps I'll share then.

Happy New Year folks. I love you all.

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