Saturday, April 30, 2011


...and I feel fine. Well... no... I guess I'm feeling a little indifferent. And would you look at that?!! I HAD A UNICORN ICON. Why didn't I look for that yesterday. Woulda helped. Or contributed or something. Whatevs, my unicorn picture looks way better than that. No? It doesn't? Oh, that's right. I remember it now. Nevermind. Shoulda stuck a star tattoo on my unicorn's butt. That woulda helped.

Wow. This is it. The end of BEDA. Craziness. All in all, I actually enjoyed doing it. And I do think I'll be continuing to blog - just maybe not every day. Not sure yet. I think... yeah, I'm pretty sure this is the first time I actually successfully posted every day in a month. I feel so accomplished now. Ha.

It was frustrating at times, like when I knew I was nearing the end of the day and was still writing, (hadn't started yet) or when I just had nothing to write about, or when I was in too much of a hurry to write much of anything. But, it was fun too. I enjoyed reading my bud, JoyfulGirl42's beda posts too. And I also liked looking inside of myself to find all these songs to fit in the song challenge.

I'm going to miss BEDA. Kind of. I mean... basically I am and I'm not. It's like my brain has split itself in two and has taken sides. (not unusual for me) Like that angel and devil on your shoulder?

(Thats my imvu avatar... I made that picture two years ago. It's actually a remake of a picture I made with my old imvu avatar back in 2006.)

One side's telling me to be nostalgic and sad and sappy. "You are sooo going to miss this tomorrow. You know you will. Now go ahead and cry. I'll wait. No, I'll cry with you."

The other's telling me something like "FUCK BEDA ALL TO HELL!! HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY MISS THAT SHIT!?!?!!!!!!111!!!" (make sure you add those 1's when you're really upset. And yes, this side swears a lot.)

I will give BEDA one thing: it's made me like blogging again. I stopped being interested in blogging a while ago. Like... two years ago almost a month after I first started. lol. You can totally tell my disinterest when you look at my blog count:

41 posts in 2009 from August to December. That's 41 posts in five months.

In 2010? 43 posts for the whole year. 43 posts in twelve months.

And this year... I now have 30 posts in one month. lol.  And I don't plan on stopping there. At the very least, I still need to write a blog post on my Hank birthday card, and probably for my benpals videos, because I think I enjoyed writing some background on each video. OY. Benpals video. I need to get a move on with this birthday card. I think I need to film the other half of my video tomorrow because I plan on filming the card.

Geeze. Okay. I'd better... I'd better go and work on my card. I need to finish it tonight. Part of me doesn't want to go though... because that will end BEDA... okay. ALRIGHT. I'm going. I'M GOING!

day 30 - your favorite song at this time last year

This is actually fairly simple... ish. At first I was like WHAT?! How am I to remember such a long time ago? (lol.) But then I remembered the Hanko de Mayo video from last year, and how much I loved the last song that was played. So that was almost a year ago, since that was May 5th. Close enough, right?

Mike Lombardo - You Should Know

I have now completed the 30 day song challenge. And BEDA. WOOT!! Goodbye BEDA. *cries*

Friday, April 29, 2011


OMG. One day left. One more day of BEDA. WHat will I do with my life? Oh, that's right, nothing. Ha.

So I spent most of today and last night working on that birthday card for Hank that I mentioned yesterday. It's um... well my thoughts for it made it a lot more complicated than I realized. I mean, I've sorted out the complications by now, but now I have a lot to do still. I think. Mainly, one more picture to draw and color, and then the inside to write out. The picture I have to draw might change depending on if I am able to produce the results I want. (it involves people, more than one person, and I'm not too confident in my drawings of people. It is important that they are recognizable) I had originally thought I'd send the card separately from the present, but now I'm thinking it's probably best to send them together.

I'm giving myself until Monday to finish it all, because Monday seems like a good day to send it out. Here to Ohio isn't too bad, so it'll probably arrive by the end of the week. Doesn't really matter though, as Hank won't be receiving any of it until after his birthday. I need to remember to take pictures though. Only too often do I get so excited for finishing a project (especially a present) that I completely forget to take pictures before I give it out. I did that with the figurine I made David Levithan when I met him a little while ago. Meant to take pics, reeeally wanted to take pics, but then I forgot. Mind you, it didn't help that the signing I was going to was canceled, which forced me to go to a signing a day earlier than planned. Anyhoo, remind me to take pics! Because I love this card. lol.

So JoyfulGirl42 is writing about unicorns for today's BEDA. That's lovely. And reminds me... I still haven't read Zombicorns. Hmm. That's... all I have to say on the subject of unicorns. So I decided to draw a picture too. lol. It's one of the fastest drawings I've made on the puter like, ever! lol. But my tablet is currently holding all the paint and stuff I've been using for Hank's card, so I was forced to draw with a mouse. No matter, it's still a lovely unicorn.


Oh it's so lovely like. Hehe.

So I was actually playing minecraft for a while before I realized I hadn't posted my BEDA yet. Not good, so here I am, but now I'm ending, because I wanna go back to playing minecraft dang it. lol.

day 29 - a song from your childhood

Huh... I've given songs from my childhood before.

At one point in my childhood, my brother's favorite movie was Space Jam:

Quad City DJ's - Space Jam

And at that time, mine was Now and Then

now and then - susanna hoffs

We would watch both of those movies, over and over. Okay, I would. My brother would usually leave during my movie. lol.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

dancing in a penguin suit

But before I share my absolutely amazingly amazing and awesomely awesome abilities, let's share a couple pictures of Pitbull and other stuffs.

Last night, instead of going out just to use the bathroom, (which he rarely does anyway, he prefers to go inside. He uses outside time to play) he chose to play in some mud. The above picture is his reaction to Nuba scolding him.

I am telling you: I may be getting attached to Pitbull, but seriously, the only thing he's got going for him is how adorable he looks. Not the brightest crayon in the box.

So Hanko de Mayo is coming up. For those unawares of this event, it is Hank Green's birthday.  Last year, we all planted plants all over the world. This year, the plan is to send him birthday cards.  It seems as though John (his brother) has also suggested that instead of spending three dollars on a card at the store, that we instead make the card ourselves and drop a dollar inside. Then Hank can choose where to donate all the money he receives. The "dollar" translates to a bill of monetary value basically, so those who don't live in the US need not find a US dollar to drop, they can use their own country's currencies.

Last year, I made Hank a gift as well. But he didn't have a PO Box, so I couldn't send it anywhere, and it has since just been chilling here with me. But now that we are sending tangible items, a PO Box has presented itself, and I can now send my gift! Hooray!

If you're interested in sending Hank a birthday card, you may do so to this address:

Hank Green
P. O. Box 807
Elyria, OH 44036-0807

Nerdfighters who know Hank and John, you are correct, Hank lives in Montana. And John lives in Indiana, though at the moment he's living in Amsterdam. And yes, the PO Box is in Ohio. It is because a nerdfighter, at John's request, set up the PO Box. She lives in Ohio, and she will be forwarding all the mail to Hank.  You'd think it'd be easier to choose a nerdfighter in... oh I dunno, Montana? But eh.

Another thing folks are doing, are "Who the eff is Hank" videos.

Some background on that inside joke, early on in the vlogbrothers history, random people would see John's videos. He always started them with a "Good Morning Hank, it's ____day!"  And as a result, people would ask who Hank was.

So "Who the eff is Hank?" became a running joke, and is answered in various ways, usually by saying "Hank is..." followed by a definition of another person/thing/whatever.

So one person is rounding up everyone's video responses to that question. Wanna participate?

Post a video response to this video.

This one's mine:

And in case you don't get it, it's Barack Obama who's the 44th president and looks like the bartender from Rick Astley's music video. I chose that fact in the hopes that people would look up the music video, and sorta get Rick Roll'd... but they can't look away because they're looking for the bartender. Nyah hahaha.

OKAY, moving onward.

Today is Thursday, and so it is BenPal day for me. This week was just to do your happy dance somewhere that's not your bedroom. (A happy dance is - SURPRISE - the dance you do when you're happy) My happy dance is actually pretty short and boring, (I've had my happy dance waaaaaaay longer than when John and Hank first coined the term, so why change it now?) so I ended up just dancing. In a penguin costume. The original idea was to dance around in a parking lot somewhere, but in the end, I just got lazy. lol

The very first dance I do (around 27 seconds in) is my happy dance.

day 28 - a song that makes you feel guilty

A what now? How can a song make you feel guilt-- oh wait. I know one.

Sarah McLachlan - Angel

This song will now and forever remind me of the animal cruelty commercial. I cried the first time I saw it, and have since felt guilty for changing the channel every time I hear that music start. I was a part of the ASPCA when I was still working, but no longer, since I couldn't afford to donate anymore.

Now please excuse me while I go make a birthday card. Teehee.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stalking stalkery stalker

Anyone else feel the same way about themselves? I quite enjoy wandering various people's facebook pages. Or whatever else. I do it silently, and one thing I like doing every few years, is a search of childhood friends. It's been about six years since I'd done that, and back in 2005, I'd searched myspace. I found a few, but it looks like all but two of those pages are dead.

So I decided to do another search, this time on facebook. I was um... saddened to find that my mind cannot remember a lot of the names I'd searched back then. My old childhood friends are fading from me. Sigh. I mean, I might remember their first names... but what use is a first name when you're searching for them via facebook?

Anyhoo, I thought I might share some of those whom I've found. There will be links to their facebook pages, which means you need not click them, and can feel free to skip that part, because most of them (all of them?) are private pages anyhow. Some might not be verified as the person I was looking for, I'll mention it if that's the case.

These folks are in no particular order, and they all mostly come from 5th and 6th grade, with the exception of one possibly.

First up, we have Jason. Or uh... from his facebook page, Dj-Jay Krauch. LOL. He was a friend of my brother's, though we were the same age. I had a crush on him back then. Never told him so though, even though I'd found him back in 2005 and we had kept in touch for a bit. (He'd since deleted the page I found, as well as the facebook page I'd found after that) FYI, I do not believe I ever told any of my crushes that I'd been crushing on them. lol. That shall remain secret forever. Well, I mean, there's you, lovely reader, who now knows about Jason, but shhh, I trust you.

Next we have Elena. She was never a friend. ROFL. We were in the same class in fifth grade, and the reason I looked her up was because she had a unique name, so I figured she'd be easy to find. Had hoped I might find some old friends through her friends, but only found one name I recognized, and again, she was not a friend.

In fifth grade, Elena dated a dude whom also happened to be named Jason.  Because of his private page, I cannot confirm if this is the Jason she dated and I knew, but he looks a lot like him. He was a friend, and was best friends with another person whom I failed to find now and had unfriended and/or deleted his myspace page in the past six years. lol.

Another fifth grade friend, though I'm pretty sure he was a fourth grade friend too - Cole. Again, I'm not sure if that's actually him. Looks like him. I can confirm that this is his myspace page though. The picture on that page is not helpful. ha. This guy and I were good friends back then. He had even given me a valentine one year. In response to that valentine, I (being a tomboy and not knowing how to handle such situations) did the only logical thing I could think of - I ripped the valentine in to tiny pieces. What the hell else was I supposed to do??! Write him back? Then he would have known I liked him! *shrug* I was always an incredibly bright kid, as you may have already guessed.

And then there's Czarina, and I'm pretty sure that's her, which is crazy, because according to her wall, she'd only just put up all her info and stuff like, two days ago. lol. She was another one I'd found back in 2005, but she'd deleted her page since I think. She was who introduced me to the Backstreet Boys, and NSYNC, and Hanson, and Aaron Carter.

Here's Lana. (In the picture, I'm fairly certain she'd the one all the way on the left) She was a close friend too. Her family and I went to see wrestling - WWF (Back before it was WWE) like, a day before I'd moved away from her. I remember she had such thought provoking questions. Like: "If you were on the Titanic (she was a huuuuge Leo diCaprio fan) and the boat was mid-sinking, and you were running for your life, but then you dropped your favorite hair comb - would you go back for it?"

Eric. I cannot confirm this is the same Eric I knew. But his page says he's from Arlington Heights, which is right next to Palatine, which is where our grade school was located. I knew him in first grade. Oh hellish first grade. Imagine being a tomboy whilst wearing gosh-awful poofy dresses, and white tights. Terrible. Terrible. Every frickin' day my mother dressed me in that crap - though after a while she stopped with the tights. It's not my fault they'd get ruined at recess when I was running around and scraping my knees and junk. I kid you not, one of those poofy dresses had jinglebells sewn in to it. And on one gosh-awful day in one gosh-awful dress, Eric gave me a kiss on the cheek. My teacher chastised him, to which he responded something like, "What? She looks pretty!"  Oh memories. How did I react to that event, you ask? I pretended it didn't happen. Went about my business. Even while everyone stared at me. I'm a pro.

We're nearing the end of my stalker list. Only two more names to go.

Mr Z. He was my fifth grade teacher. Was one of my favorite teachers ever, he was awesome. Even though I wasn't the best of students. We actually had a short facebook conversation early last year when I found him, and I was shocked to find out he even remembered me. Ha.

And finally, and this one's a big one, Jay. Jay was technically my first boyfriend. D'awww. He looks very similar to the way I remember him too. I say he was technically my first bf, because really, this was 6th grade for me - 5th for him. The most we ever did was hang out together, (like we would have had we not been bf/gf) share the same seat on the bus, and I think I kissed him on the cheek once. I actually probably physically beat on him more often than I was affectionate. I was um... a bully. And then we went on to middle school and stopped talking so much. And then he moved away... and never told me. So I guess, technically speaking, we never actually broke up. Oh those awesome, awesome memories. lol.

So there we have it. Me in stalker mode. Sometimes I think it's sad that I'll go through the trouble of trying to find these people from my past, but then never actually try contacting them. But then again, back in '05, I did try to contact all of the ones I'd found. The first Jason up there, Elena, Cole, Czarina, and about a dozen others. Of the ones I listed, only the first Jason even remembered me. ( two or three of the "others" remembered me too) It's awkward, remembering someone so well, when you've personally already faded from their memory. I mean, really, what's the point of getting burned by asking them questions. I'd rather just get a kick out of finding them in the first place... than get kicked in the gut when I find out they don't remember me. And so I stalk. Ha.

SOOO last night I watched Dancing with the Stars. I recorded Monday and Tuesday, and I tend to have to watch those before Wednesday, because I follow a lot of the DwtS peoples and they totally spoil the show for me if I wait any longer. So yeah, so I was watching Monday's, and they were talking about how it was guilty pleasures week. The stars would be dancing to songs they consider their guilty pleasure. And I was thinking to myself,

"ya know... I don't really think it is, but I suppose MMMBop would count as a guilty pleasure song for me..."

And not one minute later, HANSON WAS THERE PERFORMING MMMBOP. Words cannot express how giddy and giggly I was at this development.


I'm actually super bummed because I decided at the beginning of the show that I was most definitely saving that episode... and then at the end of it I habitually hit delete. So sad.

But on a happier note, the results show had performances from NKOTBSB!!!! Less than one month away and I'll be seeing them in concert! Eeeeeeeee!  I'm keeping that episode. lol.

It sorta sucked though, because I was checking twitter during commercial breaks, (damn twitaholic here) and damn that Chris Jericho, he tweeted about being in a green room for Jimmy Kimmel, and totally ruined the ending of the results show for me. (The person who gets kicked off goes on Kimmel that night) So sad. Especially since he's who I was rooting/voting for. Sigh.

I was thinking of possibly extending BEDA in to May. But not like, every day. Maybe like, Blog A Lot in May, or BALM. (BALiM?)  Or I could throw in Alot and it would be BAM! lol. Hehehehe.

I'm trying to catch up on all the things I got recorded. My DVR is now approximately 41% full. Geeze. And I began to start forgetting what I'd recorded in the first frickin' place. Like, an episode of the Today show. I was like "Guh?" But then I found out, it's because Daniel Radcliffe was performing a number from the broadway show he's in, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

It was quite interesting, Daniel uses an american accent, and he's all singing and dancing and junk. I know this is said a lot, but hey, it's true, he's Harry Potter! British, broody, chosen one Harry Potter. And there he is all clean shaven and american sounding and dancing and singing... tee hehehehe.

day 27 - a song that you wish you could play

Tobuscus theme song

Technically speaking, I'd like to be able to play any and all songs. So I just grabbed the first one I thought of. Yep. The Tobuscus theme song was the first song I thought of. lol.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tag, you're it!

So I was thinking of something to tag JoyfulGirl42 with, since she keeps tagging folks... and I was having trouble. But I knew I should find something soon, as BEDA is almost up. (*tear*) Then I had a flashback. To myspace. When myspace was popular, so were bulletins. And with those bulletins came surveys, and one of the most popular ones I remember seeing were "either or"s.

It has since changed, now bulletins aren't used often. Checking my own bulletins section, it came up with 21 pages of bulletins sent from the last three years, and most of them were mafia wars requests. (I used to be addicted to that game on myspace... before I found out facebook was a better place to play it)

Sooooo, I went wandering to look for some either or questions, because I'm too lazy to write some up myself. I found ten random question ones, and fifteen "who's hotter" ones. (found that last one in a myspace bulletin no less! ha)

And so! JoyfulGirl42, I tag you. And I tag anyone else who feels like being tagged. lol.

Random questions
1) Cheddar or Swiss? 
Tough one already?! Um... swiss. No! Cheddar. Yeah, cheddar.

2) Purple or Pink?


3) Skinnies or Boot-cuts?


4) Converse or Vans?


5)Sweet or Sour candy?

sweet... but not too sweet.

6) Leopard print or zebra print?

er... zebra?

7) Vegetables or Meat?


8) Nook or Kindle E-reader?

We'll go with Kindle, because I have a free PC kindle reader.

9) Mac or Microsoft?

Microsoft (I'm a PC)

10) Pepsi or Coke?


Who's hotter?

1) Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson
Um... hmm.... Lautner

2) Patrick Dempsey or James Marsden
Uh oh... er... shoot. They're both real cute.... we'll go with Dempsey

3) Paul Walker or Hayden Christensen
Paul Walker

4) Kellan Lutz or Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum (Hey, it's his birthday today! ha)

5) Tom Cruise or Christian Bale
Christian Bale

6) Daniel Radcliffe or Tom Felton
Oh no... oh no. I... can't... choose... shoot. Um... dang. We'll say... BAH! Radcliffe.

7) Orlando Bloom or Justin Timberlake
Orlando Bloom

8) Leonardo DiCaprio or Chris Evans
CHRIS EVANS. TOTALLY. Seriously, if he was up against any of these either or hot guys, it'd be him every time.

9) Shia LaBeouf or Jake Gyllenhaal

10) Ryan Reynolds or Gerard Butler
Ryan Reynolds!

11) Bradley Cooper or George Clooney
Bradley Cooper. For sure.

12) Harrison Ford or Patrick Swayze
Harrison Ford

13) Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

14) Zac Efron or Chace Crawford
Zac Efron

15) Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Jackman
uh oh... a toughy... we'll go with.... Hugh Jackman. Yeah.

Moving on. While I was wandering myspace today, I came across a song I'd been thinking about for a while.

Ballas Hough Band - Move

That's their performance on Dancing with the Stars.  I'm a fan of DwtS, despite my dislike for it sometimes. And Mark Ballas is my favorite dancer on that show, so naturally, I liked this song. I've been listening to it on repeat since I found the page today. lol.

Yesterday I saw Insidious. I brought Bert the farting hippo with me.

It was... creepy-making. It's the random images that bug me. And oo! I FOUND THE BIRDCAGE! *saved* I watched that before bed last night. Ha. I plan on watching the A-Team sometime soon too, so I don't keep thinking of Patrick Wilson in that creepy movie.

I came online today to see Maureen Johnson and Libba Bray doing a livestream. That was entertaining. Here's some screenies:

LOL, that last one is Maureen freaking out because she doesn't know how to stop the broadcast. She eventually found it out though, so no worries.

An update from the random Nerdfighter who was trying to get help in asking his sweetie to marry him... she said yes. Awwwwwwww.

day 26 - a song that you can play on an instrument

ha. HA. That's funny. Instrument. Reeeal funny. I can.. um... nope, can't play instruments. So instead, we'll just pull a song randomly from my Youtube playlist.

Sam Tsui, (Kurt Schneider beatboxing) -
King of Anything cover

Monday, April 25, 2011

Someday You Could Be a Robot Dinosaur

So a whiiile back, I posted something about how I had drawn some pictures for a project that wasn't up yet, so I wasn't going to share those pictures until the finished project was posted. Have no fear, those of you whom have been tearing their hair out in anticipation of seeing those pictures, I shall share them now!

One of my favorite youtubers, HowToLiz, asked us fans, or HowToLizzies (I think that's what she calls us?) to help with one of her videos. She had a bunch of ideas for pictures she needed drawn. So naturally, I emailed to help. The topics I got were:

"A Robot Dinosaur eating a LOT of cupcakes! a lot a lot!"


"A kid dreaming about what they wanna be when they grow up"

And here's the finished video:

Hee! I had a lot of fun drawing those pictures. It sorta makes me wanna try drawing more, except the problem with that is I can never really think up ideas to draw. lol. Meh.

Moving onward...

I wandered the Your Pants forum for the first time today, and found this dude who's planning on asking his sweetheart  to marry him. He's asked nerdfighters to post video responses asking her to marry him as well. And then he plans on showing her all the videos. Or something like that. Here's a link to the entire thread. (you don't have to be logged in to view it)

And here's his video:

He mumbles quite a bit in it I think, but the end is clear. If you wanna help him out, you should post a vid response for him. I did.

And here's all his vid responses so far.

So I got my 2D glasses the other day.
But currently, the only 3D movie out near me right now is Rio... which isn't a movie I was planning to see in theaters. So yeah... haven't tried them out yet. I like the instructions that came with them:

Very informative. Yep. My brother informed me that they have some 3D movies on demand, and we tried to watch one downstairs last night, but it said we couldn't because that cable box isn't HD. Of course, the cable box in my room is HD, so I might give that a try soonish. We'll see if that works.

Going to see Insidious today... should be um... fun. (sarcasm) I hate scary movies. Like, really. They give me nightmares. They keep me up at night. They cause me to spend a sleepless night watching The Birdcage over and over and .... OH MY GOD... I just forgot... I'VE LOST MY COPIES OF THE BIRDCAGE.

I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!! *panics*

*cough* Pull yourself together nox. You can do this. You have approximately two hours to find your damned happy-movie. You can do it.

Shit. I'm packing a stuffed animal in my purse.

Er... where was I? Oh right... um... I'm a wuss when it comes to scary movies. Gremlins scared me as a child, and I've yet to see the entire movie since. Drag Me to Hell - which I've been informed was a joke of a scary movie - still has me up at night if I think about it too long.

And I hear Insidious is not a joke of a scary movie.

So... now, you may be asking me "Um, alright, so why the eff are you planning on seeing a movie you are obviously terrified of seeing??"

Heh... um. Well... have you ever had actor crushes? Like, actors you love so much you're willing to watch a movie you would, under normal circumstances, NEVER EVER SEE OF YOUR OWN FREE WILL? Yeah.... Patrick Wilson is one of those guys for me. And so I shall see this movie.

I think I've talked about all I planned to talk about... and if I didn't, it's mainly because I've forgotten everything except for the dire need to find The Birdcage. So we'll end it here, and throw in the song challenge
right quickly.

day 25 - a song that makes you laugh

Alanis Morissette - My Humps

Yep. There we have it. Actually, there's a video for it too! But the damned youtubers that have it also have it on "Embedding disabled". But yeah, you should check her video out too.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter dudesy

Hey there yo. So I ran spyware and whatnots for my 'puter. It seems to be fine now. I still plan on plugging in the external hard drive and saving all I want saved today, but for now, I shall blog. And share pictures.

First things first, today I went to church with my dad, my brother, and Nubia. Mom was supposed to go, but she said she was dizzy and so she didn't. It was... interesting. I dunno. I'm not religious. And I feel awkward writing about it, because I'm not religious. But alas, I shall write for a smidgen. I do not think about God, or whether there even is a God. I don't discriminate against those who do believe in Him, I believe you should believe in whatever you feel is right. So I felt incredibly out of place. Especially when the pastor asked for us to "raise our hands to God" a few times. I didn't. And it didn't feel better when after his personal renditions of a couple of christian songs, he asked all of us to shake hands with the people around us. I'm not a social person. Given the choice, I'd rather keep to myself. Forcing me to shake hands with a bunch of strangers and force small talk? Yeah, awkward. But I did.

And then we sat, and I spent the most of the morning either noticing the similarity between the pastor and Steve Howey, trying to find where "John chapter 5", "Colossians 1", etc. (it would be so much easier if he just gave a rough page number along with it dang it) were in the bible my brother gave me, and noticing how tacky the wall was. They'd sponge painted it. Which, is fine, really, unless you get lazy and sponge paint over the light switches, outlets, and the distribution board. I mean, really? Do you really think that electricity breaker board thingy looks better with brown paint sponged over it? I'm surprised they chose not to sponge the white metal ceiling. They also had a projection screen, and I'm fairly certain the background they used for the projections was a picture of part of the sponge painted wall that they upped the saturation in photoshop.

All in all, it was interesting. The pastor seemed happy enough, he kept chuckling to himself. His wife just had a baby on Friday, so that's lovely. And I learned that if you accept God and Christianity in to your life, your spirit, even though you've sinned, becomes light and alive and well under the eyes of God. Or something like that. Which means, from what I gather, that since I have neither confirmed nor denied the existence of God, that my spirit is still full of sin and dark and dead. Good to know, good to know. Then at the end, he had everyone recite a prayer that sounded more like a pledge, and that I chose not to recite. It said things like "I believe in God, He is almighty, I live in His eyes..." and well, I felt like I'd be lying if I recited that with them. So I didn't. Which made things even more awkward, because we were sitting right in the front row. He could see me. (The pastor, not God - I mean, if God exists, and was watching, I bet He could see me whether or not I was in the front row)

Moving on, and let's never speak of religion again.

Here's Pitbull:
Nubia and Jimmy have decided that we'll be giving him up to another home. He's adorable, but they don't like him. I don't think my dad minds him, and I'm neutral. I told them to get a move on, because my mom's already attached to him, and if they wait much longer, things might get ugly. I can't say I'm all that attached - I kept my distance on purpose because I had a feeling he wouldn't be around much longer - but it will be sad to see him go. He is adorable, if not anything else.

Ooo and the lemon meringue pie. GEEZE that pie takes a LOOOONG time to make! I don't think I'll be doing that ever again. Seriously. lol. I made two, and it took hours. Here's one:

And a close up of the inside. I cooked it wrong - apparently, if cooked right, the yellow binds to the top real nicely, and isn't liquidy. Alas, the yellow was pretty liquidy, and the top separates real easy like. It's good though. I didn't put as much lemon juice as the recipe called for, (I halved it because I didn't have enough lemons) but I'm glad I didn't because it was reeeeal sourly lemony as it was, I can only imagine how bad it would have been with the full 2 cups.

And there's Pitbull again. Looking adorable as usual.

Here's a close up of one of the little easter baskets I have. I put green yarn in it, and made six clay eggs.

And here's some pics of Linny in her new orange dress, (and old purple hair) the basket, and the chair candle holder with its new cushion.

The chair is slightly big for her, but that's okay, she still looks cute on it.

She looks so tall in that pic. lol. I think she's like, 8 inches? *grabs measuring tape* No, she's 10 inches.

And that's the chair. Originally, I'd planned on just making a round cushion and setting it on top of the seat to cover the candle hole. But I reeeally didn't like the way it looked that way, so I stuck the cushion underneath the hole and pushed it through. I think it looks adorable this way, and I'm also happy with the color I chose. (I was thinking a brighter color at first, and ended up going with this one because I didn't want the cushion to clash with Linny's dress. ROFL)

I ended up giving her an orange dress which was cut from an old shirt Mingo gave me. I sewed up the skirt, but then used safety pins to fasten the top together. I wanted it to hug her torso up there, but was afraid if I sewed it that way, it might not come off without scissors, and I'm not advanced enough to make a corset or button method of closing. Meh, whatever works. The fabric wrinkles real easily - in the standing pictures, you can see the crease her sitting made. lol. But that fine, I think she looks real cute in it. And her purple hair gives extra color. I was going to try some teal socks too, but in the end I felt that'd be too much. It was too strong a color.

day 24 - a song that you want to play at your funeral

Um... I don't really want a funeral. I was anti-social in life, why would I want folks to gather for my death?

Fine, I'll pick a song anyway.

Hanson - MMMBop

Yep. And since we're going with that one, we can throw in a sadder song too.

Hanson - With You In Your Dreams

Oh, and thinking back on yesterday, I could have used this one by Hanson as a song to play at my wedding, because I do so love this song:

Hanson- Love Song

Hmm... I like a lot of Hanson.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Okay, not really, but I might kill deviantArt. A few days ago, I got a virus on my pc. It popped up immediately while I was wandering through my deviantArt subscriptions, but since I always check my dA subscription box everyday, I assumed it must have been something else, even though the only site I went to that I DON'T visit everyday was the official page for the Today Show. I got frustrated, but hey, what can you do? It's been literally years since I've gotten something bad on my computer.

I ran my spywares and found the problem. Deleted all the registry entries, restarted. Annoying, but I also made sure I was running all three of my spyware/malware/antivirus programs often, and they weren't finding anything. So I figured I was in the clear. Then, today, it happened again. I was browsing deviantArt, and another fucking virus pops up on my god damned computer. This one isn't exactly like the last one, this one is worse, because it won't even let me open task manager to shut it down.  Right now, I've got my computer on safe mode, and it's running all my spyware programs. I'm currently on my dad's laptop, writing this as I wait.

Really? This shame is on me. Apparently I need to stop checking stupid fucking deviantArt - WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO BE SAFE TO BROWSE ISN'T IT?! HOW THE FUCK AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO'S HAVING THIS GOD DAMNED PROBLEM?!

I am so beyond pissed off right now. Seriously.

But, I guess... I guess this is a sign. I have an external hard drive that I've yet to open and use. I need to open it, copy all the files I want to keep, and do a full system reboot of my computer. I've been putting it off. It's been right there in the back of my mind. I need to reboot my computer. It's not at 100%, and it could be, if only I'd stop procrastinating and get on it.

So, today, if I can get my computer to run without the damned virus, I will be popping open that external drive, sucking it up, and getting all my files to safety. Time to stop prolonging it. I need to get my computer rebooted. Depending on when I finish transferring my files, I'll either reboot today, or tomorrow. Tomorrow would probably be best, as it's Easter, and I'll be off at church (for the first time in thirteen years) and probably hanging with the family. Though, today's my last day to make Linny an easter outfit. Meh.

Yesterday, I had my to-do list... I only finished the lemon meringue pie. Turns out those damned pies take a loooong time to make. And then Mingo popped up and we hung out with Trishie and Timmy until 7:30 this morning. So, I could get a move on on that, and see if I can finish my easter outfit for Linny before tomorrow. It should actually be really simple, I just need to do it. lol.

I'm totally bummed. Today marks one year since meeting JoyfulGirl42, all my BenPals, Brenna, and all those lovely internet friends from that WGWG livestream event. And I was going to talk about that a bit. But really, I don't much feel like it right now. I'm too frustrated at the virus sitting on my computer. I also had pictures of my lemon meringue pie. Also something I can't share until I have access to my computer.

Maybe I'll do that for tomorrow... unless I'm still trying to reboot my computer. It's also entirely possible that my reboot might go wrong, in which case I will be fucked. So if I can't use my computer tomorrow, I might be borrowing my dad's laptop again, which means I won't be writing about the livestream or pie or the like. Likely, I'll just grab a topic off of Sue's lovely list - still have a few of those I can do.

So basically, wish me luck. Here's hoping I'm able to get back to my computer on normal mode, manage to remember where I keep all the files I want to keep, write down the programs I want to reinstall, and reboot my entire system successfully.

day 23 - a song that you want to hear at your wedding (I had to use a different method to insert this video, so just a warning, I dunno if it worked... I have NO IDEA how to copy and paste on a mac. ROFL)

The Caulden Road - Shine

I am in love with this song. It's so happy.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Five Facts-ish

I'm done with the cleanse! I've kicked it early. Am I disappointed in myself? Nah. I was expecting hunger pains, but not headaches, heartburn, nausea, and a downright awful feeling. Not acceptable. I don't really know if it helped my mood either... it might have... I think I should give it a couple of days. I know I'm in higher spirits now, but that might be because I know I won't be drinking anymore gosh awful lemonade. Meh.

I have a lot to do today! Or rather, not really. Just a bit time consuming, and whether I finish my to do list all depends on when I'm hanging out with Mingo. lol. I decided while layin' in bed that Linny (one of my dolls) needs an outfit for easter. She had an outfit, but I lost it. Fail. So now she needs a new one. And I have this candle holder thinger I got from Mingo that looks like a chair, it just needs a cushion to cover the hole where the candle goes. Woot. And I have these little easter baskets and I feel at least one should be used. And then there's writing this blog. But this should be done fairly soon.And then I wanted to look up a recipe for lemon meringue pie...

So JoyfulGirl42 tagged me again. Geeze she likes tagging folks. I should stop reading her blog, then I wouldn't get tagged! Ha! Meh. Nah. Must. Keep. Reading. lol. This time it's for five facts that people readin' my blog might not know... which is... hard... hmmm....

-I love to slice up onions
-If I trusted myself with handling fish, I would get a canary yellow goldfish as a pet - and name it Icarus
-I daydream... a lot
-Aside from Pokemon, the only other anime I've ever watched was Yu Yu Hakusho - I watched that entire series and loved it... mayhaps I should look in to other animes too...
-I ramble when writing. Oh... wait, facts that readers don't know. Right...
-As much as I gripe and moan about riding the train to Chicago, deep down, I love it. It's my gateway to Chicago dammit!

Woot! Five facts. COMPLETED.

day 22 - a song that you listen to when you’re sad


Mariah Carey - Butterfly

Yeah... I know what you're thinking...
"But noxy, you're afraid of butterflies... why would you listen to this?"

Well, smartass, I'm not being attacked by living (or robot) butterflies while listening to this song. Therefore, I'm okay with the song. I can't say I listen to this everytime I'm sad, but I do recall listening to this many a sad time before.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ghetto Fabulous

Oh wow. This cleanse... I'm fairly certain it hates me. Like, Tuesday, I was getting heartburn while drinking the stuff. And an all day headache that wouldn't go away. And yesterday, I got reeeeally nauseous. I tried to go to sleep. You know, sleep the nausea away. But no, no sleep for me. Even after popping a bunch of melatonin. (a natural remedy to help you fall asleep) Instead, I ended up throwing up. Which, wasn't pleasant, because the only thing in my damned stomach was that crap ass lemonade and melatonin pills. And that's while forgetting to mention I had another day long headache. I um... might not be doing this for six days. Today might be it. Heartburn, nausea, and headaches was not part of the plan here. Not fun.

On another note, I think I'm somewhere in insane mode from not eating.  This week, for the BenPals - ooooh wait, yeah I redesigned the BenPals channel page. Before, when Brenna was there, I had drawn little pictures of all five of us, and put them in the "About Me" section. To make it work, the whole section was a dark neutral gray. And then around it was a dark teal. It was... well, dark. So when Brenna left, I had a choice. I could draw a little picture of Callie and change the picture out that way, or redesign it completely. Now there aren't any little pictures of us. It's all light blue, like the sky around our intros. And the main window looks like an envelope. I like this a lot better. The idea of the pictures was cute, but I definitely did it wrong. Made it too dark. Yeah.

Okay, BACK to what I was originally saying. This week's challenge is:
Take the book you are currently reading (it doesn't matter if it's for class) and read it in a funny voice/accent. Please not all british! Also you can act or animate it if you feel so inclined.

Originally reading this I thought: "Crap."  Because um, I can't even do a british accent all that well. So what the heck was I supposed to do? I don't do accents! And then I realized... I do. You see, I went to school in an area that was... um... gang infested? Not really, but people assumed it was. Not the nicest of areas. That's the assumption. It didn't help that our high school had a daycare and preschool to keep the teenage pregnant girls in school... that all being said, there was quite a bit of ghetto around. And so, growing up in such an area, I am known to go in to my crappy ghetto accent every now and again.

And so today, I went looking for a nice ghetto outfit in the house. And while the hoodie was washing (it's from high school, an ex boyfriend and my brother bought matching outfits back then. LOL. so probably... 7 years ago or so. Hasn't been worn in about that long.)  I went about working on my makeup. Now, technically, the makeup style I chose might not be from my high school. Because thinking back, I don't think I people stared as often then. But I did in middle school. I was the new kid in middle school. And I came from a predominantly white middle school. (though I didn't actually realize that until I moved here and someone was looking at my yearbook from my old school and asked "Where are all the black people?? And the mexicans?!") Yeah... I stared a lot. So I can't rightly remember if I got this down right, because shoot, middle school was over ten years ago. I figure I got it close enough to get it though. Ha.
Tada! Ghetto-rific sorta, right yo? I'm um... totally wearing two different earrings. I couldn't find the hoops I was looking for, then I found one other one... so I wore it and a key. Ha.

Since I felt ghetto fabulous, I felt I needed to take those cliched myspace photos. Woot.

Ha he haha.

So yeah so, my hoodie was washed and ready, and I changed outta Homer. In my new outfit, I felt I was missing something, so I gave myself some tattoos.

I drew them with liquid ink pen on to the sticky side of masking tape, then, while the ink was wet, (had to go over them a couple times to make sure it was wet) I stuck them on. I'd never tried that before, because um... I'm not one to give myself fake tattoos often, but it went pretty well. Even though the ink was wet, when I pulled the tape off, it still looked faded, so with a steady hand and a mirror, I went over them with the pen again.

And there we have it. Ha.

That was fun. lol.

Here's the vid:

This video was um... yeah it was pretty fun. I shoulda rapped the book. lol. But I was afraid of messing it up. The reading only took one take, (VERY proud to say) and I predict had I tried to rap it, it woulda taken much MUCH longer.

And uh... here we have some extra footage that I felt I should share, since I went through all the trouble of getting in character...

I reeeeeally have to thank Jaine for this week's challenge. Was happy-making. :)

day 21 - a song that you listen to when you’re happy

Rhett and Link - My Favorite Pillow

Heee! This is a happy sounding song. And the video is amazing. Teehee!

And here's one more pic of me, what I sent to my buddy Mingo shortly after filming.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey! I have a huuuuuge favor for the two people who read my blog!!!

When I checked that survey I mentioned a while back about There and said it was no longer running, apparently the site was just down for that time. Could ya'lls do me a favor and go here, which will bring you to the There homepage. You will see in white "We're surveying users about possibly re-opening There. Take the survey here"  and click that linky. Or er... you could click the linky I just posted,  because that leads to the survey too.

The survey is to see if enough people might be interested in paying for a membership to get There to reopen.  Even if you've never played There, or if you're not interested in paying for a membership to get There to reopen, could you just do me a solid and say you are? There's only a few questions to fill out, won't take much of your time. I know that's sort of cheating, but I'm confident there are Thereians out there who won't be reached in time to take the survey. And dang it, I'd love to see There again.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…

Oh goodness. What made me think I should write up how I spent this past Sunday now, NOW, when I cannot eat food. I am so incredibly smart sometimes I scare even myself.

Oh well. What's done is done. So I wandered over to my friend Mandy's mom's place, where they were getting foods ready. Mandy's brother cooked arrachera. (little yummy bits of steak to us clueless folk)

That's Mandy, stirrin' cheese. Yep. Fascinating. I know. Hee

And there's her brother Bill cookin'.

And there's Mingo looking mischievous.

And there are some limes that also attended this shindig.

And a kitty named Hazel.

And there's the cheese and limes again.

And some more damn food.

Afterward, we played a few board games. This was the last one we played. 'Twas fun! And the food was yummeh. Food. Sigh. It's not like I'm "hungry" exactly... more like I just miss it. lol. This batch of "lemonade" tastes better than the last batch... not entirely sure why. No, wait, I bet it was the lemons. Most of them went bad, and so I only used what looked still good... but mayhaps they weren't. Ha. Oh well. This time around, I have healthy, refrigerated lemons, and the stuff tastes better. I mean, it's still terrible, but eh.

day 20 - a song that you listen to when you’re angry

I can only ever remember one time I was angry and decided to play something, and here we are:

Stabbing Westward - What Do I Have To Do?

Lovely song.

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