Tuesday, June 21, 2011


On Twitter:
Alright, listen up BRAIN. I have STUFF TO DO. So you'd better cooperate or I'll stab you with a Q-Tip. #empty threat #procrastination

3 hours ago

*clicks Youtube*
*watches a Dan Brown video... hasn't watched a Dan Brown video in 6 months...*

*checks twitter again*

Oh noes... I haven't played Ravenwood Fair today yet! It's not my fault! It wouldn't load earlier! IT HATES ME!!!

*wanders on to Ravenwood Fair*

*wonders why she's still playing Ravenwood Fair*

*wonders why it takes so damned long to DO everything in Ravenwood Fair*

Fuck you, Ravenwood Fair. Fuck you.

*checks skype*

*still working on Ravenwood Fair*

*checks twitter*

*wanders downstairs to watch Raise Your Voice - a movie she saw once in theaters and thought it was gosh awful... still thinks so*

*checks on Ravenwood Fair again*





*checks recordings on DVR*

*twitter - laughs at picture*

*wanders to walmart*


*Drew's Improve-a-Ganza*

Stupid tornado warning. Interrupting mah show. It's not even a warning for this area. Bitch.


*America's Got Talent*

FUCKING TORNADO WARNING. AGAIN!? Oh, this one's at least in THIS area. Fine whatever.

*continues watching America's Got Talent*

I don't feel like hiding in the basement for an hour...

*watches more AGT*


Are you KIDDING ME??? Jeebus.


*does nails*

*now for the voice*

Ya know... I been really happy with who they're choosing here...


*grumbles as she continues watching the voice*

Son of a bitch. Ruined my mojo. I was successful in picking the top peoples until just now. All NBC weather's fault. Dammit. That's stupid. No fair. Dislike.

*continues watching*

*thinking of changing over the clothes... but just did nails... damn...*

*updates vside... haven't done that in MONTHS*

...What was I planning on doing today??

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A dream

So I dreamt I was hanging out with Mingo and our friends T&T at their house. Then I left. I had this big red rusty pickup truck and it wasn't slowing down when I hit the turns. One turn was particularly bad, and I ran off the road. This is where the place changes. It no longer looks like T&T's subdivision, but my mind still registers it as such. There are major hills. And I'm driving through them with wild abandon, because I have no brakes. It doesn't help that it had been raining so much that the grass was incredibly soft and yielded easily. As I slid and drove up and down the hills, I couldn't help but cringe every time I knew my truck was leaving tire tracks along the grass. T&T were going to kill me. Then I slid off a particularly tricky hill, off a cliff, and in to a shallow pond. I managed to drive out of it - because my car still was not braking - and crashed in to a beige, old school looking muscle car. It effectively stopped my truck. The person at the wheel of the muscle car hopped out...

It was Pee-wee Herman.

In his outfit. He giggled his giggle and said something stupid, then hopped back in to his car and backed up away from the collision. The front section of his car was still attached to my truck, so he drove the rest of his car off in to the sunset. And then I heard the cops.

Cut scene. I was now in a house I identified as my ex boyfriend, Jeremiah's. The cops are there, apologizing to me for Pee-wee's behavior. He has been blamed for all of the damages done to the subdivision, because he's drugged out of his mind, and they found open alcohol bottles in the remains of his car. I am off the hook. I feel relief. I go out in to the driveway, and see my truck. At least, that's what my mind registers, except now it's white and not rusty and has words on it that I never thought to read because I see them all the time obviously. Two people are in the truck. Looks like a teenager at the wheel, and some adult in coveralls. Then a man shows up and says "what have ya'll done to my truck?" And the coverall-ed adult turns to the teen and says, "This is your DAD'S truck?!"  And I look down at the unreadable words on the door and think "oh shit, he's right!"

And then I wake up.

Why the hell was Pee-wee Herman in my dream???

Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh hey there.

I went from blogging every day in April, to blogging twelve times in May... and now, over halfway through June... I'm making my first post of the month. Could it be my last post of the month as well? Only time will tell.

Some catching up... I halted the creation of my Humpy Hank cards. But I plan on starting them up again very soon. I have set myself a completion date - July 22nd. That is the day of the Chicago Nerdfighter Gathering event, and I will be bringing some hats to possibly sell during the gathering. I would also like to bring some Humpy Hank cards. Of course, in order to do either one, I must make hats and finish the cards. I'll do it though. I have faith in myself. Maybe. Okay, maybe not. I think it's more that I'm curious to see if I can accomplish what I'm aiming to do. It doesn't help that I don't have a printer either. But that's not an excuse, it's just a statement. I can work around that. And the lack of a paper cutter. Oh man, that's going to suck. But I'll manage.

So now, you might be asking me, "um... okay noxy. If you're aiming to get hats made and Humpy Hank cards finished in a month, why are you here writing? Why are you not off making hats and working on cards?"

Why you all up in my bizniss, unnamed person? We's bout to start a fight if you keep hangin all up on my grill yo.

Okay... no. You have a valid point. I should be making hats. I should be working on cards. But I'd also wanted to try finishing Eat, Pray, Love, which has been on my "to-finish" pile for over a year. I'm about halfway through it, (somewhere in India, for folks who've read it before.) and I took a break to talk to you. Geeze. I can't talk to you anymore? Lay off. Calm yoself. Lemme do what I do. Yo diggity.

Truth be told, I was more interested in Italy than I am in India in the book. And so I might opt to work on some hats after writing this. I really do want to finish reading it though, I have the movie saved on my DVR, and I refuse to watch it until I've finished the book. My friend Mingo has informed me that I'm approaching an imagined deadline, where "I plan on finishing the book someday" has become more of a lie than a truth. Not yet though. I'm still trying dammit.


You know, I had come here with the express purpose of catching up. To tell you about Maureen Johnson and plans to visit Michigan and that NKOTBSB concert I'd gone to and never talked about and other whatnots... and now I'm sitting here, wondering if I feel like going in to all that at the moment. So mayhaps this will just be a short post. I'll end it here. And mayhaps... mayhaps I shall share all that with you another time.

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