Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Day After Turkey Day!

Teehee... teehee hee. Today I chose Alice and Jasper because I saw New Moon on Monday and thought it was lovely. All except for maybe an absolutely and completely pointless fight scene... I know it's Hollywood so they need to add more action.. but they could choose a better place to add it? Or maybe make the fight have a point?? I do so love the Twilight Series though. Can't wait to see the next film.

I shall start today by cursing at this new picture thing the blog maker has now. Then I will share a picture:

He he he... I saw this sign in the knick knacks section of a thrift store, and thought it was cute, so I took a pic with my phone. :)

Next up, I thought I'd share a picture of all the goodies my lovely ED friend mayple sent me one happy day:

Teehee! Soooo many fun things to play with! I had tons of fun looking through it all, and thinking of things to make from it. I ended up using some of the boa yarn as hair for one of my little clay figurines... hmm... boa yarn that I now see I forgot to throw in the picture. Oops. Hehe. THANK YOU AGAIN MAYPLE!

Another thing to share, I'm a fan of whoopie pies. Actually, I make them a lot smaller than they should be, so I call them just whoopies. Anyhoo, while wandering various blogs one day a couple weeks back, I found a recipe for Pumpkin Whoopie Pies at my friend Ruth's daughter's blog. They looked sooo yummy I decided to bug my dad to buy some extra ingredients when we went turkey-day-grocery-shopping. Then Monday morning, at around 2am, I opted to make them instead of sleeping. Boy was that fun! And it looks like Ruth's daughter makes them small too, mine ended up looking a lot like hers did, except not as perfectly round, cuz I was just using a tbsp measuring spoon. But goodness! They're yummy! The boyfriend has been eating them in lieu of meals, and my mom keeps telling me to make more. If you like pumpkin pie, you'd like these cookies. They basically taste just like a piece of pumpkin pie, except instead of whipped cream on top, you have cheesecake in the middle. lol. Pumpkin cheesecake. mmmm....

Next up... my clay thingers.

Tada! They are the twelve days of Christmas.  Teehee. I sorta placed them all in an odd way... 1-4 on the top row (1 being the one in dark green reading a book) then 5-8 in the middle sorta, and 9-12 in front... and they're all right to left, not left to right. *shrug* lol. They took quite a while to make, and I really wasn't sure of pricing, so they're probably overpriced, but oh well. They can be found here at my etsy. My goal was to sell just one. If just one sold, I'd be happy. And one did sell! Six Geese a Laying, which is kind partially hidden back there, so here's a better pic of her:

Sold just hours after I posted them. And the buyer also bought all three of my little clay books, which made me double happy, though confused. Why on earth would someone want 3 little clay books that all look almost exactly the same? lol. But oh wells. Hehe. Of all of my Twelve Days of Christmas, my favorite one is Four Calling Birds.

She's got pink hair, green eyes, a cute little dress, a pink cellphone, she's barefoot, and she has four birds "a calling" on their own little cellphones. Ha hahahahaha. Fun stuff. Fuuun stuff.

So a couple months back, I was thinking of Christmas. Every year, my dad chooses 20 or so Christmas songs, sticks them all on CDs, then sends them to the family as Christmas cards. But... after 4 Christmases... 80 songs later... it's getting more and more difficult to find songs that he likes to put on CDs. I mean, there are hundreds of Christmas songs out there, but eh, lots of them sound rather... the same. So, thinking he might still want to send out special cards, I thought I would draw a picture, then we could print them out on  cards and send them out. My first thought was a family photo. I think I was 5 the last time we all actually sat down for a photo together. And now there's my bf, and my bro's gf, who've basically been a part of this family for almost 5 years now. So I went a drawing. But then my idea for the Twelve Days of Christmas showed up, and I ended up halting my drawing to get the ladies finished. I went back to it this past wednesday, and ended up with:

Tada! Hehe haha. That's me sitting on the floor to the left, then the bf is on a chair to himself, my mum is standing behind him, my dad is standing next to her, and my bro and his gf are both sitting in another chair. Technically speaking, we only have one of those chairs. We have one chair and a sofa in that pattern. But I liked them better in chairs. Also, of everything everyone is wearing, I made up almost all the outfits. They're just shirts I thought we'd wear. I'd totally wear the "silent night" shirt, and my bf loves wearing button shirts open with tshirts under them. My bro loves penguins, and my bro's gf is all for wearing something that sorta matches him. My mom actually wears a hat that's similar, save for the red glitter heart, (the heart on her hat is silver) and I think she owns a button down similar to that one... she might even have a green shirt too. lol. My dad is the only one in the picture wearing something that I know for a fact that he wears. Every Christmas. An old santa hat and a dark blue hawaiian shirt. I even pulled the shirt from his closet to reference it. Hehe.

I'm going to get everyone's signatures, and scan them in to put them on the picture itself. I showed the pic to my dad, who liked it and sent me out to buy blank greeting cards. So hopefully by the end of this weekend, I'll have been able to get everyone's signature and print out some cards. Hooray.

A final note here, to anyone who reads my blog. I entered a small contest at a forum I frequent, called Real Life Plus.  I'm not even sure why I entered, as often the contest is more based on popularity than what each entry actually is. But the winner gets an ipod shuffle, and I've wanted an mp3 player for ages. Got one for Christmas last year, but it was broken, or just wouldn't work with my computer, so it had to be returned. :(

Anyhoo, only four people entered the contest this time, and I'd really, really like to win, I worked really hard on my entry... and so I'm sorta asking anyone who might have the time... if they could possibly sign up for the site, and vote for me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here's the link to register to the site.

And here's a link to the contest for this month. My entry is the last one, found here.

And finally here's the link to the poll for voting. The only poll you can vote on right now is "Digging for Tunes" and my entry is called "The Treasure of the Tunes - noxy"

Voting is only up until the 30th of this month.  If you can't then no worries, not that big a deal. Just sorta hopin' I win.

And with that, I'm off. Toodles blog world!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Messing with clay

I chose this icon on purpose today. Harry Potter 5 is one of those awesome movies that doesn't sit on the title screen playing the same 30 seconds of annoyingness. After a short bit, it automatically plays the movie. Which is why I've now sat through this movie about a dozen times in the past three days. Ha. Hahaha. I've been cycling through various movies. HP 1-5 minus the 2nd one cuz I couldn't find it, Twilight, Corpse Bride three times in a row - the last time being a special feature: the music only score of the movie. That was interesting, cuz music doesn't play all the way through thee movie, so sometimes it was rather quiet - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory three times in a row, RENT, Sweeney Todd, Up, then, when I found the second HP, I re watched 1-5. That's when I found out 5 repeats itself. And it's stayed there ever since. I have to have something on while messing with my projects. And the ear buds for this laptop hurts my ears if I wear them too long. So yeah, just having a movie playing for me to stare at every now and again. Works for me.

 I suppose I'll share what I've been doing these past couple of weeks. I've been messing with clay. Making small figurines. I don't know if they'll sell, but I will be trying to sell them. I'm not even sure how much to try and sell them for. But you know, whatever. They're major bits of fail in my opinion. Ha. But we'll see if they grow on me. Here, a teaser pic:

Three of the figurines. They are not finished yet. And there are more of them. I'm trying my hardest to get these figures done as soon as possible. I hope to be done by the end of this week. I had hoped to be done by yesterday. But, I underestimated the amount of time these thingers would take. And my complete and utter inadequacy at making clothes. I've basically glued all these clothes together. Ha.
This little lady's overalls are the worst of all of the clothes so far. They make me laugh. But hey, that just makes them special. Hee hee haha.

Enough talking. Short post tonight. Going to spend another half hour on them, then hit the hay. G'night.

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Friday Night. Do you know where YOU are?

Hee hee haha. Pocahontas is a great movie, but I must admit my favorite parts had to be the parts that involved the bird, the raccoon and the pug. I... don't know if I remember their names... Flit... or Flik? Might have been the bird, then Meeko? Could have been the raccoon. I'm fairly certain the little pug was named Percy. Hee hee. I named my carved jack o lantern Percy! Though the name just came to me when I was naming the pumpkin. I hadn't thought to name it after anything.

Speaking of Percy the Pumpkin. I dried up the pumpkin seeds, then boiled them in saltwater, only to dry them out again. Problem with that though... I might have ruined them. I think I boiled them too long. The water had been almost boiled completely away because I forgot about it. Then to fix it, I added water to continue boiling it... only to almost boil it away again. I've never made these things before!! So yeah, they're drying, and hopefully they'll taste okay. Here's hoping. Ha.

Tada! A picture of some of the candies I passed out on Halloween. And now I present you with a couple of pictures of my in my Gryffindor costume.

I was this a couple of years ago, but I felt the urge to dress up to pass out candy. Plus, I love the cloak thinger. And I'd look rather odd if I wore it on a normal basis. Plus, when I stand, the cloak just barely touches the floor. Which means, when I walk, I easily trip over the derned thing. Especially if I'm walking up a curb or steps or something. The only difference between this year's "student" and the "student" from a couple years ago - wardrobe wise - is here I'm wearing gray slacks, whereas last time I wore a black skirt. I couldn't find the skirt though, so meh. And I wore gray socks instead of the gray tights I wore with the skirt. I couldn't find the wand I carved! I'm still upset about that. Luckily I had a backup in my Hogwarts bookbag. It was the wand that came in a book called "The Wandmaker's guide to Wandmaking" or something like that. I went all out for this costume those years back. LOL. Even though noone looked IN my bag, *I* knew what was in there.

Technically, I didn't have any butterbeer in there this year, cuz I didn't have the money to go buying cream soda and butterscotch schnapps. OH I wish I did have the money though. That stuff is yummy. And you know what? Most of the kids who recognized my outfit? Asked if I was HARRY POTTER! WTF? In kindergarten I get looked at funny because I'm Raphael, a DUDE, for Halloween. And NOW kids automatically assume I'm a dude because of the outfit?? Do you SEE a lightning bolt scar or glasses on my anywhere?! Oy. Meh, my answer was always yes. Sure, I'm Harry. I got a few kids asking if I was Hermione, which in my mind made a bit more sense, because I'm a chick. And one kid asked if I was Padma Patel. Which I thought was funny, since obviously they took my skintone in to consideration when guessing. I gave them extra candy. Hehe. One person actually did guess I was just a Gryffindor student though. It was the father of an adorable little toddler who just wanted candy, and instead had to wait while his dad and I talked about Harry Potter. Hahaha.

So I mentioned I had taken over the dining room area for my clay makings. Last night, my brother informs me that he's having friends over, and that I will need to clean up the dining room before tomorrow night. It... PISSED ME OFF. I hated having a nice little workspace, only to have to clean it all up before I'm even done playing, just because HE'S having company over. I tell ya, if I ever manage to get myself in to a place all my own, I'd BETTER have an area ALL TO MYSELF that I can play with whenever I want. I know I have to clean up the dining room before Thanksgiving, and I was preparing for that, but then he comes along and makes me clean up sooner. And then? AND THEN!!! Today he comes home, and my mom's like "So you're having friends over?" And he replies, "No, they're coming tomorrow. I didn't think it would be clean by tonight." 




Are you KIDDING ME? I don't even see why I had to clean up the room in the first place. It's not like it was disgusting old food or something all over the room. It was clay, wax paper, aluminum foil, and small bottle things of paint. And they were just strewn about the table. They're not even going to use the dining room. Seriously! If they asked about it, he could have said "Oh my sister makes things with clay" or something like that.

So basically, I moved all my stuff from the wonderfully lit dining room, to the crappily lit "family room," where everything is on two coffee tables, so the table height requires me to sit on the floor. I'm a bit ticked off. 

I had a dream the other night. It was weird, and "romance" related... but it was set in a bakery. More importantly, it was apparently my bakery. That stood out in my mind. I think some day I might like to try baking cakes. Hahaha. Like, really making one. Not using cake mix. lol. But that's... someday in the future. For now I play with clay.

I think I'll end tonight with some pictures of two ED's. Annika's ED's to be precise. She is lucky enough to own Laird, a gorgeous ebony skinned male ED, and has recently acquired an equally gorgeous, pale skinned female, named Agatha.

There's agatha. I'm smitten with this little lady's nose. It's sooo adorable.

And there's the two of them. Suuuch a lovely couple. It makes me want a couple for myself. For the longest time I've wanted sisters. But, now I'm thinking I'd rather have a couple. Either way is far fetched, and I'm lucky to get my hands on one, let alone two. I don't even know when I'll be lucky enough to get my one.  Sigh. In my imaginary world, where I'm... you know, a millionaire, I own a dozen different custom EDs, plus a few of the costumed EDs. Ha ha ha. 

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