Sunday, January 31, 2010

Two posts in one month!

omg! Another entry! Within days of the last! Totally on a roll! Hooray! Mind you, it's the last day in January... so I can't do more than two entries this month.... but you know... whatever...

Not much to say today, so I'm not so sure why I'm even posting. ROFL. Oh well.

Anyhoo, so Tencats got my present yesterday! Hooray!
It looks like for the most part it came unharmed.
I can see the "sand" mixed a bit. I had hoped I packed it well enough. Makes me wonder how the other dand thinger to my secret santa lady is doing... cuz I dunno if that one's arrived to her yet. Yay for a bottle of ugly colored chalk dust! D'oh!

On another note.... my "clean desk" has not stayed that way for long.
Dunno HOW it happened.... was like POOF. While waiting for a piece of my contest entry to bake, I decided to add hair to the lil character I pointed out in the picture from the last entry. The one I made in December.

There she is! Tis only a preview piccy. She's actually a full body piece. More runny eye makeup, but in her defense, she came to be WEEKS before There "Sadness". I had planned on taking pictures of her as soon as the glue dried, but then my contest entry project started up again, so I left her be. I'll get pics of her eventually.

So I got my presents from both Tencats and my secret santa person, Annina. Woot! First, my pressies from Tencats:

Tee hee! Isn't they lovely! It's all a bunch of yummy goodies!! So awesome. It all looks soo delicious and adorable. She uses colored clays, which I love, but can't afford to buy so many colors for my own projects. I is too broke. Have to buy plain white and paint it. lol. It's hard to choose a favorite from all these nummers. It's probably the plate full of ice cream though. It has strawberries and whipped cream and nuts and a li'l chocolate sandwich cookie! TOO CUTE! Teeeeeeeeheeee

Next up, annina's gift!

I loves it! The scarves are so cute, and perfect in colors. One nice and bright for happier days, and one dark and grey for gloomy days. Woot! And the cute lil Dairy Moo, and the lucky crystal, and the INSTA ED!!! Weeeee! I'll have an ED in no time! :D

I love presents. I giggle uncontrollably while opening them. Normally not a problem, since I'm normally shut in my room so no one hears, but while I was opening annina's gift, I happened to be on skype with a buddy... so he kept laughing at me. Must have thought I was a nutjob. But hehe!! I can't help it! Gifts are always so fun! Packages are fun too! Even if I know what's in it, it's still fun to open. Weeeee! Okay... okay... so it's 420am. And I'm beat. Need sleep. *hugs blog world*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hello again.

Hey there world. Long time no speak. I think I've taken a long enough break from my blog. I think.

I've... come to terms with the break up I think. Deep down, I'm not sure if he ever really loved me, and if that's the case, I'm glad we went our separate ways. Now if only I could get around to cleaning my room - so I can get all his stuff to him. But my room cleaning aspirations were put on hold for the January Secret Santa project. And they continue to stay on hold until after the ED Birthday Contest.

More on both of those in a moment. Right now I'd like to share a photo:
That is a picture of my car's mileage. 150,000. Ha. I was happy to be the one driving the car when it hit this milestone, and grateful my dad didn't freak out when I pulled over to take a quick picture with my phone. Haha.

Two of the five cars in our household were broken this month. My mom's and my dad's. My brother and his gf are always really busy though, and I'm still unemployed, so I was given the job of chauffeur this month. Just great. I don't normally mind, but I had projects to do this month, and what with me driving back and forth between my mom's job and the train station to pick my dad up... at 9pm, 6am, 8am, and 6pm... every day... plus the sleep or lack thereof I should have been participating in... my mind was mush for most of this month. The good news? All Monday I spent driving around with my mum while waiting for her car to get fixed at the mechanics... so now her car is all better. Which means instead of me being the driver, I can stay home and my dad can just take my car. That means I can't go anywhere until after 630pm or so... but hey, works for me.

In the middle of my Secret Santa projects, my There writing community, Wordgrove, had their annual writing contest. They have three categories - poetry, "journey" (journal/blog/random?), and prose - and then there's a "My Way" table for those who choose not to be in the voting, but still participate. Then there's a winner (silver quill award) for each of the three categories - won by popular vote, and one "gold torch" - which is awarded to the person of the creator of the contest's choosing. This is the contest's sixth year. For the first four years, I'd won in Prose. Then I was asked by the creator to step down from competing. lol. So last year, I threw a piece on to the My Way table... and he awarded me with the gold torch award. XD

Soooo, after winning for five years in a row, I'm no longer counted towards the voting. lol. But I still threw something on the My Way table, and this year I decided to include my current fascination with clay:
She looks out a window. It's bright out. She's wearing cheerfully loud and happy colors. The sun winks at her. She smiles. She looks deeper. The sky darkens. The smile fades. Clouds overcast. Her eyes mimic the shadows. It's raining. Hard. She's crying. Lightning blinks. A flash of pain blinds her momentarily. As the blood runs down her arm, she can't help but wonder - was she looking out a window? Or was she looking in?

Yeah, really short entry, but it's what came to mind, then I made a clay figure to match. She's based on my There avie:
Tis an outfit she wears often.

Anyhoo... other than my noxy clay thinger, I'd been working on my Secret Santa projects. I have one person I was assigned to, then chose to do an exchange with Tencats as well. I'm soooo glad I chose that too, because I love love LOVE her gift. It's a table with little foodie goodies on it. So cute! She uses colored clay to make her goodies, which is something I've wanted to try doing, but in the end, plain white clay is so much cheaper than the colored clay - so I make everything out of white and then paint it. I haven't taken a picture of my present from Tencats yet, but I shall soon.

The presents I made my peoples are similar, but have slight differences - be it in color or type or whatever. I hope they like em! I really sorta went random with my presents... there's no theme. Just a bunch of stuff thrown together. Haha.

Moving on. Now that I've finally finished the SS projects, I can start on that birthday entry. I'm freaking out, because I'm not sure if I can do everything I plan on doing. But then I can't say what I'm doing, because I want it all to be a surprise... we'll just say I'm fully planning on giving my all for it. I know there are dozens of exceptionally talented artists whom are fans of Marina, so I need to go big or go home if I want any chance at the contest. The best part of the contest is the fact that I'll be able to actually send my present to Marina, someone whom I've much admired and basically been obsessed with, for years. No matter what the result of the contest is, I'll still be happy, provided she likes my gift. Hehe.

So I moved my workstation... again. First it was in one section of the basement... then it moved to another part... then another part... and then it moved upstairs to the family room that never gets used... then to the dining room that rarely gets used... then to the living room that only I use apparently... and now it's in my bedroom. Which, is good and bad. Because my room is still a horrid mess. And then the small area I have for makings went from small to smaller to non existent with my SS project, so I had to re-clean it.
This is my workspace cleaned. So that bit right there with the tape on it is the main working area. Then everything else is gathered around it... not to mention the open bags and boxes that are on the floor wrapped around the wall to the right there... I so need shelves in my room. Ha. Oh gosh, and the fact that this is supposed to be a built in vanity table means there's a mirror... so there's my unmatching jammies and part of the mess that's taken over my room behind me.
In the midst of this clean mess, there are two things additionally on my to-do list. For those who can recognize EDs by photo, under Banshee you can see a partially hidden figure. She's done except for hair. I just haven't gotten around to finishing that. She was what I worked on immediately following the breakup... so bear that in mind when I show her finished - whenever that may be. The other thing on my to do list is a simpler one... it's the envelope over by my teddy on the right. I need to mail it sometime. lol. Simple enough right? Smack a stamp on it and shove it in a mailbox. Nah, too simple. My stamps are forever stamps. And I hear those are useless when trying to mail something overseas. And this particular envelope is supposed to headed to Australia. Which means I need to get to a post office to buy the right postage for it. Which means I need a car to go before the Post Office closes at 4pm... and my dad has my car until 6pm. So yeah... challenge!! My mom's out of town for a couple days... so I guess I'm hoping I'll be able to steal my car on Saturday morning before my dad needs to use it. I SHOULD have mailed it out while I was mailing out the SS stuff... but yeah I forgot about it. Oops.

So yeah... anyway, enough basic info and ramblings. I must get my ideas in order to start this contest project. Wish me luck!!

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