Sunday, April 25, 2010


Hello blog world!! Here I is, sharing a bunch of nothing. Ha.

Another noxyism:

I've been going on walks at night. Around midnight. The sky's been fairly cloudy, but one night I managed to see a shooting star! Hee. It's quite possible I saw another one two days later, but it looked more like a falling star. Never seen one like that though, so I dunno if it actually was a shooting star or not. Last night at midnight it was raining. I was sad. But then at like, 3am, there was no more rain, and it smelled lovely outside. So I wandered out. Hee.

So I was looking on imvu, trying to find my evil banana sticker. imvu is a MMOSG, or a Massive Multiplayer Online Social Game. You get your own avatar page as well, that's much like a myspace page only a tad bit cooler because of stickers. Stickers are just pictures, like .png or .jpg - except instead of having to paste the code in to the page, (And adding the appropriate measurements and/or br's to get it in the right position... for those code savvy folk) you can actually click and drag the sticker anywhere you want on the page. It's pretty darn nifty. When stickers first showed up on imvu, I made a bananas are evil sticker.
It was just something silly I made, waaaay back in like, October of 2005. Took a banana, threw it in Paint, and added the evility. (yay for new words) Then a couple months later, I learned a fairly basic way to make the background transparent (my 15 yr old photo program doesn't do things like that) so I re released it.
So yeah, version 1 only sold about 100 copies on imvu, while version 2 has currently sold 1,578 and counting, it still gets bought occasionally! lol. I get a kick out of that, because I had no idea it would be so popular. Mind you, some stickers on that site, by now, have probably reached the 100,000s in sales, but hey, 1,500 isn't a bad number. Hehe.

Anyhoo, so I was trying to find this sticker, and knew the quickest way for me to find it would be to search "Evil banana" in the imvu catalog... and there's my stickers with someone else's sticker, that has the same name as mine, and uses the same thumbnail! I was like EXCUSE ME?! The sticker is a bit more expensive than mine, and the only way for me to confirm whether or not they've stolen my sticker and are trying to sell it themselves is to BUY it and see. But I refuse to buy a sticker that looks like it's stolen. Especially if the stolen sticker in question is mine. So I sent a complaint letter to imvu, asking them to look in to it. Hopefully it gets sorted. Stickers on imvu get stolen all the time, and it's sad, but it happens. The only person who can report the theft is the one who made the sticker, so I'm glad I happened to find it. It's curious though, the person who might or might not have stolen my sticker only has ONE thing for sale, and that's the sticker in question. Why on earth would you choose to steal my sticker, and choose to sell ONLY that sticker? I put a lot of hard work in to that sticker!!! Okay, well, no, I didn't. Used the line tool in paint, and some text, a bit of the paintbrush tool... all in all, it probably took me all of five minutes to get the features in the spot I wanted them. But hey, the point is *I* did it. If they want to release an evil banana, they should take five minutes to make their OWN. Grrrr. [/end rant]

I wander deviantArt sometimes, and last year came across a person who was holding her own contest to draw art for her "characters." I entered a couple times and got an honorable mention, and my prize was that she'd draw one of *my* characters. But er... I don't have characters really. So I gave her a picture of my There person.

That is the drawing she made me. And that was all well and good then, but now she's offering a free bookmark to those who help advertise her upcoming contest, and I like bookmarks, so I wanna participate. But I got the feeling she very much prefers drawing characters as opposed to... not characters. lol.

I dunno if you've come across "characters" or not, some folks like to make reference sheets for characters in their own writings. Here's an example:
In this way they can show exactly how a person looks in their head, also providing exact color swatches, designs, even listing personality traits.

Sooooo... to make it easier for her when it comes time to start advertising for her contest and she starts making bookmarks, I turned Therenoxy in to a character. And while I was drawing her face, she started "becoming" a character in my head. Her new name is Niz, and her best friends are Airen (a fairy) and Dmitri, (an evil banana) I even started brainstorming about the how's, when's, why's, and whatnots... so I might start writing short stories about Niz soon. But yeah, not certain yet. lol.

This is Dmitri. Since so many of my previous There stories were based around evil bananas, I thought Niz having an evil banana as a best friend would be hilarious. Dmitri was chosen because he appears in my very first There story. He's the King in that story.
There's Airen. She's a fairy. I drew her with EDs in mind. She's wearing a silver metal bikini with a collar. Her hair is based on Noire's style. And of course there's her pale skin too. Originally, she was supposed to have wings... but I tried a dozen different wings on her before I gave up on that idea. So she floats on her own, with little glowing orbs that match her eyes surrounding her.

And there's Niz. Based on my There noxy:
When I made the original There jacket in the game, I put a real picture of a squirrel on the front of the girls' shirt. On Niz, I chose to just put an acorn and a squirrel I drew, both of which are on the back of the original jacket anyway.

I made Niz first before Airen and Dmitri, and didn't feel like drawing a whole new body, so I used a lineart that I'd made for a character I had years ago.
There's Akemi. Ha. I'd forgotten all about her pretty much. I just remembered in the back of my mind that I had a character once, and I could use her lineart to make Niz. Niz was only altered slightly - tiny change to a finger, different shading in the face, new hair, new face. I keep staring at Akemi. She's like a stranger to me. lol. Back when I loved loud bright colors the best, and Yu Yu Hakusho was my favoritest show in the world. ROFL. She apparently even has a tatt on her bum that symbolizes my ex. (His nickname was Jrock. lol) So this chick was probably made about five years ago. She never starred in any stories. I used to play a boring online game, and most of the folks had characters for references for things on the site, so she was mine.

ANYHOO, If I do choose to start writing these stories though, I may start up a new blog just for stories. I could put my old There stories over there too. I think I'll try a different blog site too, like... no... wait.... epiphany. Ha. I have a free web site that I never did anything with. Mayhaps I'll throw my stories up in there. Hmmm....

Eh, I'll think more on it later. It's currently past 4am, and I've realized I'm back to staying up nights. I was trying so hard to stay on the opposite schedule. Ugh. It was rainy earlier, so no walk. But I might wander out for a short one right after posting this.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ooooh #Castle, how I love thee. <3

Another post, one day after the last! Craziness! lol. This icon is Detective Kate Beckett. From the television show Castle. That I love. My second favorite show. Heee.

I chose the above title because I do love Castle. Actually, it was what I posted on my Twitter a week or so ago. Shortly after watching the newest Castle. lol.

For those who do not know Castle, it's a dramedy (Comedy-Drama) cop show. I've realized that currently my top three fave shows are dramedy cop shows.... coincidence? lol. But anyhoo, Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, (soooo adorable!!!) is a writer. He had successfully written a series of books, but got tired of his main character, and killed him off. Searching for inspiration, he encounters a tough female Homicide detective, Kate Beckett, and is smitten. He uses his relationship with the mayor to get himself on the inside of the yellow tape, getting permission to follow Kate and her team around on their cases. He begins writing books on a character named Nikki Heat. A homicide detective. Ooooh how I love this show.

I love almost everything about this show. Almost. Unlike NCIS. (where I do love everything) Castle has gotten.... predictable? for me. Not as in
"oh I totally know where this story is going,"
but rather
"he did it"
the very moment that "he" first shows up on the screen.

It seems that the guest star I recognize the most is always the killer. At least, that's how it's been for the past few shows I've seen. I thought it might change last week, because I actually did see a few guest stars I recognized, and I was a bit excited that I might be wrong in my initial quick-guess, but no. Right again. Sigh. Oh well though, the show is still good, I love it. It shall be interesting to see if my quick-guess will be correct with tonight's show. lol.
Anyhoo, so one of the first celebs I followed on Twitter was Nathan Fillion. And a long while ago, he had mentioned something about Richard Castle book signings in NY. I was confused, but didn't really look in to it. A few months ago I found out that ABC had decided to actually release "Richard Castle's" first Nikki Heat book, Heat Wave to the public. Oooooooh. I see. Immediately, I hopped on my library's website, and stuck myself on the "hold list" for the book. I was like, number 12 or something. Three months later, I finally get the book.

Hooray! I finished reading it yesterday. It wasn't too bad. It read a lot like an episode of Castle, crazily enough. lol. Except there were parts in there that aren't in Castle, and therefore were a welcome change. And plus there's the fact that I'm a slow reader, so it read more like a three hour special of Castle put in extra slow motion. ROFL. But yeah, I liked the book. I checked it out with some books by David Levithan, so I'll be starting on one of those soon. Actually, I think I may choose just one of his books, and return the rest for now. Plus I can return the Castle book, and the John Green books. (I had only checked them out to be able to paint them on the 5th. lol)
I bet the people behind me in the hold list line for Castle will be grateful I don't hold on to it until the actual due date, which I think is sometime in May.

So Friday at Dave and Busters, we actually did play games and what not, but I'm really not a big fan of playing games like that, so I didn't play much. Sara and I were using the same game card though, so when it came time to cash in the tickets, we had to put our tickets together. We each got a shot glass. This one's mine:
I put my phone next to it to help with scale. It's a mini hurricane glass type dealy. Soo cute.

You know, I love shopping. Really. I was a shopaholic when I had money to do so... and even when I didn't. Hence why I'm now in credit card debt. But anyhoo, I've found a way to shop! My dad usually does the grocery shopping once a month, but last month, was too tired to do it after work, so me and my brother went. And it was fun! Even if I'm shopping only for things on a grocery list, it's still fun. hehe. Today I went grocery shopping without me bro. Still fun, even though I had to go back cuz I forgot a couple things. lol. Oooooh shopping.

Okay, fairly short entry today I think. Gonna wander off to the library before I have to pick up me dad from the train station. Better get a move on too, I know not when my dad will text! Heee

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Oooooh sadness... that is me. Not really. I can't believe it's already April. I had totally planned on cleaning my room back in March. Damn it. Oh well, seeing as how the job opportunity died, I'll have a chance to do so this month I thinks.

Yeah, the job opportunity, did not last very long. Sad. Last blog I mentioned that it was another department that was opening at my dad's work. That was incorrect, it was another division of the same department. I wasn't informed of this. Had I been, I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up, because well, jobs tend to have problems with hiring family members. But my dad told me today, along with a story of the HR department explaining to my dad's boss that family members can't work in the same department. Apparently, both my dad and his boss were unaware of this. And his boss has contacted higher ups about it. But, yeah, it looks as though that opportunity is not an opportunity. What a bummer.

That's really basically the only sadness. I'm still in a fairly good mood.
New firefox theme for me! I looked up "doll" or something like that, and found this one. It's cute. Hee.

On the ED Forum, my siggy is a "sloganizer" that rotates to a new slogan every few minutes, using "noxy" as the main word. Occasionally, I notice one I like, and even less often, I'll actually save that one in to a folder I've entitled "noxyisms."
This is the first one in ze folder. Not sure why I like this one, but eh. :)

I dunno if you blog readers have noticed, but I'm a big fan of the word "so." I seem to use it a lot. I don't know if I've always used it, or if it's a new development, which is totally possible. There are words that make their way in to rotation for days, weeks, months... and then POOF! They is gone. Like... well, "like" was a word I used in almost every sentence once upon a time, (when I was like... 10? Hehe) "dude" was another one I used when I was around 10 too, but my mom started yelling at me every time I'd use it, said it didn't sound appropriate. Sigh. Other words or phrases I used to use frequently once upon a time: "I know right?" "Seriously!" "What the hell?!" "Jeebus!" "Holy goodness!" "Goshy gee." "Fudge buckets!" "Meh." "Moo." "Woof."

Hopefully "so" falls in to the past too, because now that I've noticed it, it's going to bug me everytime I use it. And I apologize if it bothers you too, but right now, there's no stopping it! lol

So, (hahahaha) I was at Wendy's last week with my one RL friend, and we encountered this on the door:
What the heck?! If ONLY Wendy was winking....
There we go. Fear my massively awesome editing skillz. So here we have Wenchy Wendy, smiling suggestively, at night, winking, with the caption "See you later?" Above her head. Okay, even without the wink, isn't that creepy?! Stupid Wendy is already talking in commercials. And now she's flirting with me as I leave the restaurant?! How OLD are you Wendy?! LEAVE ME BE!!!

Okay, so I wanted to go to the dollar store because they have hair dye there. I could not, for the life of me, get my hair color to the red I wanted it to be, so I gave up. Decided to go back to black. My brother took me, and then he decided he wanted to buy a kite, because it was fairly windy that morning. I dunno what's with him and kites. I can honestly say, I have never had an urge to go fly a kite, despite the song getting in my head every now and again. But my brother's made kite flying attempts at least once a year for a while now. Not always successful. Which is why I encouraged him to go for the kite. It was only a dollar here, and often times when he gets the urge, it's at night, and the dollar store is closed, so he has to shell out more money. Nighttime kite-flying. Ooooh yeah. Ha. Anyhoo, we're standing at the kites, and there's Spongebob and Dora, then some superheros - spiderman and... um... it might have been superman, but now I'm not sure... Jimmy was hoping for the Flash, because that's his fave hero, but poor Flash gets no love most the time. So Jimmy chose the last choice available.... wait for it....
ooooooh yeah.... a smurf.
Why he chose the smurf is beyond me, I don't recall him ever watching the show... wait... no... mayhaps we did.... but I don't remember it being a big thing. Barney for me, Teletubbies for him, Power Rangers for the both of us... nope, don't remember either of us being a fan of Smurfs.
It is, however, quite obvious in the above picture, that this particular smurf was incredibly happy to be chosen.
It was a fairly good kite flying day. And luckily no one kicked us off the soccer field. (it was still technically in the middle of a school day, and kids were having recess)
Dunno if you can really see the kite in this pic, but it's sorta in the middle-ish, a smidgen or two to the left of the airplane line. Notice how my brother is looking in the opposite direction. Oooh yeah, he can fly a kite without even looking at it. Ha. Not really. You see, when we were at the dollar store, I found out you could exchange items! Crazyness! And well, I had three boxes of red hair dye at home, that I figured were a lost cause, because well, they're from the Dollar Store. But no! I can exchange them for black! Hooray! So my brother was kind enough to bring me home, and then back to the store. Kite flying happened in between the trips. This picture above was taken after Jimmy attached the string to the soccer net. I think he was checking to make sure it was secure when I snapped the pic. We left it there, wondering if it would still be up when we got back. It wasn't. LOL. Somehow ended up in an odd direction. (Say the wind was blowing east - I have no sense of direction so we'll pretend that it's east - when we got back, the kite had somehow dropped low to the north, - we're talking right-angle north - and then back east, successfully getting caught by two trees, and landing in the parking lot.) The kite was still in tact but for the two poles that crossed the long one. We were only able to find one of the two, so the kite flying was over. Oh well.

As mentioned, I grew tired of trying to achieve the red I was looking for. Especially since I wasn't even sure what the red I was looking for looked like. I just knew whatever colors I was getting... weren't it. So I went back to black. At the current, I think it's an unnatural black, and in my dying, there's a couple places I missed, so there's a bit of red still peeking, but eh, good enough. I was sad though, I wanted the red because I wanted a change in my hair. So I decided to cut me some bangs. Or fringe, depending on where you are in the world. I hadn't had bangs like this since I was around 12 - and I hated them. But hey, thought I'd give them another try, 12 years later.
Tada! I watched a dozen different youtube videos to try and learn, because though I truly feel that it's only hair, and hair grows back, I still wanted to try and get it right. For the most part I think I did okay. The part that bothers me is... well, one dude I was watching, said something like "only cut your bangs from iris to iris, anymore than that is too much." But... that didn't seem right at all. So I cut more. And dammit, he was right. LOL. I was looking at the mirror, and was thinking "wow, there's a lot on either side here...." *grabs ideal section* "this would have been perfect...." *measures to find 'perfect' was, in fact, iris to iris* "....would ya look at that. He was right....."

Oh well though, I don't think it looks too bad. Now we'll see if I actually like them or not. I did this all around 4am on Friday. Well, 10pm if you want to include the dyeing part of it too. Finished at around 6:30. Which... was a problem. Because I was supposed to be ready at 8. My one friend was having a birthday thinger, and I was to go, but didn't have my car, so she offered me a ride, provided I'd be willing to spend the whole day with her, rather than just 6pm and onward. Which was fine by me, except I hadn't expected to not be able to sleep. I was planning to do my hair today, but since I couldn't sleep Thursday night, I went for it then.

I went to sleep at 6:30, woke at 7:30, and was ready by 8. This was a mistake on my part, as my friend is notoriously late, and it's worse in the mornings. What I should have done in hindsight, was wait for her text informing me that she's on her way. It takes about twenty minutes to get to my house, so that would have been plenty of time to get ready. She actually got here around 10:20. Which means I could have had 4 hours of sleep instead of 1. But nope. When I woke, I couldn't fall back asleep, so yeah. Yay.
So this was me, trying to find a good angle in which to take a picture. I didn't like this angle. Hence why I am showing us talking to each other rather than us just smiling.

I found an angle I liked. That's me, my friend Sara in the purple, and her younger sister in the back. Yep.
We went to A&W for lunch.

I'd never been there, but it was real yummy.

So we went to the mall, and Sara, was trying some shirts on, cuz she wanted to wear a new one tonight. Cute that they personalize your dressing room door at Torrid. lol. Except they had spelled her name wrong, with an "H." Luckily, Sara's sister saved the day by erasing the extra letter.

Naturally, I was able to find the smexiest thing there - a faux fur vest, (the ONLY one in the store. Oooh yeah) and an uber cool hat. Yep. Oozing smexy in that pic. I should totally be a model.

End of day festivity pictures. The plan had been, leave at around 6pm to go to Dave and Busters. Get there at 7. However, that plan failed, when Sara's roommate called to say we should all go out afterwards, which would require something other than a tshirt and chucks, (what I was currently wearing) and I had nothing at home that was readily available for me to change to. So, we went back to Sara's, and she lent me some shoes, while her roommate lent me a shirt and a sweater.

By now it's 6:30, and Sara's still doing makeup, her roomie's just gone to her bf's house real quick, and we're pretty sure the other two people were already on their way. THEN, of course, at around 6:45, my dad calls. He's somehow locked himself out of my car- the good news being that it's in the driveway at home, the bad news... with the engine still running. So Sara had to drive me home to unlock the car door, and then we were off. At around 7. We got there last (no surprise) and the two who had already been on their way? Were on TIME for once. (When I was truly in this friend circle, I was seriously the only damned person who was ever, EVER on time. It was quite irritating.)

Sara ordered a TNTea, which was D&Bs version of a long island iced tea.

There's a blurry Sara, and an even blurrier Tim. (One who was on time.) He hates pictures, so he likes hiding from me. Doesn't help that my stupid camera makes an orange light just before it takes the shot. I hate pictures most of the time too, but if someone's taking a picture of me, I'll at least stay still - because I know I hate it when other people hide from me.

And there's Tim's GF, Trishie, (the other one on time) and Mandy (the roomie) and her BF David. They're not smiling because I didn't warn them about the picture. I've never tried taking a picture of David before, and didn't know if he'd smile, and then I wasn't sure if Trishie would smile cuz she sort of hates me... so yeah. Candid shot it is. Not like these folks (except David, he's still a fairly new development) are surprised. I do candid shots quite often.

The food took FOREVER TO COME!! It felt like an HOUR, but it was probably more like forty minutes. I turned my cloth napkin (cloth napkins? at Dave and Busters?? Who are they trying to impress???) in to a crane. I was tempted to turn Sara's in to one too, cuz she had stepped away for a bathroom break but eh. I chose to wait.

And that concludes my pictures. I was frustrated at myself all day. I kept assuming things. Like, in the morning, we went to the eye doctor, so that Sara and her sister could get eye exams, and I thought, eh, I don't need my purse. WRONG. DUH. I had like, an hour to spend reading bridal magazines. (Seriously, the only people who get eye exams anymore are soon-to-be-brides. At least, that's the impression I got at that place.) I had a book in my purse, and my camera, both of which I could have used to entertain myself. Dang it. Then I brought my camera but left my book in the car at the mall, forgetting there would be times when I'd be sitting there cuz of the trying on moments. I spent most of that time playing with my compact mirror, making spots dance on the wall. (Couldn't use my camera, the dressing room area where I was sitting was full of bras, and I didn't think that was appropriate picture material. lol)

THEN I left my camera in the car when we went to Features in Naperville after D&B. That could have entertained me while Sara and her roomie danced. Dammit. Mind you, we left D&B at around 10pm. Took half the time to get back as it did getting there. Stayed at Features til around 1:30am. Which means, I stood there for two hours, clinging on for dear life, because I was afraid to tip over from sleep exhaustion and pass out. I didn't want to sit for fear I may burst in to tears when it came time to stand again. You know... sometimes I can run on 1 hour of sleep... most of the time I can't. By now I was dying. lol. Plus, I'm having toothache problems again, so that certainly didn't help.

Not to say the day wasn't fun. And Features was too. They have this other bar that connects to Features but I er... forget what it's called, and they were having like, 80's night or something, so they were playing some fun music. Well, it was all 80's except for Wannabe by the Spice Girls, and I honestly have no idea why that one fit in to the category. lol. It was silly though, Mandy and Sara would be dancing, (David sitting nearby) and having fun, then a song would come on, and they'd be like... "huh?" And Sara would turn to me to identify it. I was always able to, and was even able to tell her if she'd eventually recognize it, but I found this silly. I mean, do you need to know all the songs you're dancing to? Do they feel they've failed the 80's by not knowing a song? (*cough* okay, they didn't know Come on Eileen. HOW do you not know that song?!) I was born at the end of '85, and they were born in '86... so by the time we were out of our toddler years, the 80's were gone. I don't know all the songs from that decade, I don't expect them to know all the songs from that decade, and they shouldn't either. lol. The only reason I knew those in particular is because I love 80's music, and listen to it often. They tend to listen to today's rock/pop/alternative... though occasionally will listen to 80's. Eh, oh well. Even though I was tired, and feeling like I was going to pass out any minute, in my mind, I was dancing right along with them. Not. Even. Joking. I was daydreaming that I was dancing and not tired and having fun. ROFL. How sad is that? So yeah, I had fun. hehehe.

Now it's 11pm, and I shall hit the hay because I have to be up by 6am to drop me dad off. The problem? When I got home Friday night/Saturday morning at 2am... I put my keys somewhere and I dunno where. D'oh!! I'll worry about that in the morning though. lol. Good night!

Friday, April 9, 2010

This week... was a week.... made of awesome.

This week - as said in the title above - was an awesome week. Actually, I think it was just various days that were made of so much awesome that I can safely say this whole week is awesome. I was trying to find an icon in my icons folder that was just... happy... but I gave up and used this one instead. Ha.

New firefox Theme:
New Moon. Hehe haha. Okay, so, I was looking at the directions to make my own theme, and it says stuff like, "can't use images without permission." Soooo... for those of you who read my blog, and happen to own an ED... if sometime in the future, I might actually feel like making an ED themed thinger... (not right now though) might I have permission to use your photos in it?

Next up, my best There friend had texted me the other night, and I was fast asleep. When I woke up, I wasn't sure if he was still awake, so instead I went to his myspace page and made him this:
It's of me and him in There. Heee. Was difficult, because in order to get some of the colors right, you have to layer other colors together. My skintone still isn't right, but I just couldn't get it. Ugh. Still, I'm happy with what I did get. :)

I'm choosing to go a bit out of order, so now I'm on to one of the most awesomest people on the ED Forum, Shane.

I mentioned him a couple posts ago, I drew up a quick pic of Ruby for him to enter in the ED contest. I posted it as though I "quoted" him. Hehe. And as a result, he retaliated by posting as me in this month's ED Photo Project. As a possible "theme" for this month, someone had suggested Robert Downey Jr. because his birthday is April 4th. I seconded that idea, because hey, he's cuuuute. Heee. Ultimately it was turned down, and honestly I'm not surprised - it was a rather silly idea. But since no one had posted their entries yet, Most Awesome Shane posted these:

Heeee. (Robert Downey Jr. is in Ironman - and ROCKED in it!)

I loved the pics, and so was quite happy to find messages from Muy Awesome-o Shane with more pictures he had made for RDJ Day!

Oh my goodness, these could not have made me laugh harder. And as I was telling him, they're perfect for something I'd do! You see, the owner of the ED that Shane was silly enough to turn in to ... er.... Iron/Porcelain woMan? ... mentioned that she had no idea who RDJ was. And someone else said he was in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes... and I wanted to pitch in the fact that he was on a few episodes of Ally McBeal... ten years ago... rofl. When I thought about that further, I realized it was doubtful that many folks would remember that. And I felt silly for even thinking to suggest it as another place to have seen him.... and yet... here we are... three days later... (he sent these pics to me on RDJ's birthday) so it turns out I'm not the only one who would remember that, So Totally Cool Shane remembers too! Nyah hahahahaaaaa!

That show was pretty cool from what I'd seen, but honestly, the only episodes I saw were the ones with Robert in them, because - even at age 14 - I thought he was adorable. Heee heee heee hahaha. The movie I first remember seeing him was Only You, that starred him and Marissa Tomei. Really cute movie. At least... I think it was... it's been a while since I've seen it, and I can only remember various bits and what the main storyline was about... eh.

Did I mention Uber Super Muy Awesome Shane-o-mac is uber super muy awesome? Oh yeah. Fo' sho. :D

Next up, a couple pictures from a different world. This one is called vSide.

I might have mentioned this world before. I know I have on the ED Forum. My There best friend and I both love this place - though not as much as we loved There. So, anyhoo, this is us at one of his "rooms"... he's not finished with it yet, but basically it's supposed to be an Airship, that floats alongside scattered floating islands that represent There's disintegration. I think it's looking great so far.

I painted my nails. :) It's been a while since I've painted them. I normally don't, but had an urge to paint them orange. And so I did... mostly.
Heee. Pay no mind to the paint on my fingers... I'm not the cleanest when it comes to anything that might involve mess..

So last Friday, or rather, all last week, NCISMusic on twitter was having an easter contest. (uh... yeah, of course I follow NCISMusic... and NCIS and NCIS_LA... so??) They spent a few days giving out hints, that would lead to letters. Then the letters had to be unscrambled to reveal a twitter account. And the first person to find the account, follow it, and tweet a specific reply to it would win! For a while I was going crazy, because the clues gave almost enough letters to spell "plastic egg," but apparently that wasn't right. Then I was certain it was spelling out "Special Agent ____" and even though I technically didn't have all the letters for "Special Agent," I was positive I had that much right. But Special Agent what?! There was another "G" in the letters I had, so I immediately thought Gibbs or McGee. But neither worked, and I was incredibly frustrated, because the more clues they let out, the less of a chance I'd have at being first. Then, in a weird moment, where I seriously thought it completely made sense, I typed in SpecialAgentEgg. And I was right! Better yet, I was first! HOORAY!!! So I totally won. Hahaha hehe hahaha. They said they'd announce the winners on Monday, and yesterday I received my prizes. Weeee! I won:
An NCIS soundtrack t-shirt, (which I am most happily wearing right now) season 6 of NCIS, (technically, my dad already owns this season, but hey, I can keep it should I ever want to own all the seasons myself) and volume 2 of the NCIS soundtrack, that's signed by the cast of NCIS!!! (again, technically, I got this cd for Christmas this year, but my cd isn't autographed. HEeeee) So YAY FOR ME!!!! Friday when I realized I was actually the first to find the twitter account, I was shaking soooo bad, I didn't want to leave my 'puter!

I had to though, because Friday was John Green's "unofficial" Day to Preorder Will Grayson, Will Grayson. So I went to preorder.
Tada!! I had actually taken a picture of this ticket right when I got home... I SWEAR I DID, but I must have deleted it somewhere, and realized such on the way to the actual event, so this picture was taken while the ticket lay nestled as a bookmark in WGWG, sitting in my lap while driving... I'm such a safe driver. "Honestly officer! I was only trying to take a picture of this ticket because I could have sworn I did before, but I didn't... no I couldn't pull over, I needed to get to the event on the ticket!"

So moving on, we'll go back to my last blog post, where I mentioned my mission to watch all the vlogbrothers episodes that weekend. Ha. That was... fail. I watched a few episodes until around... 1am? I think? So that I could go to sleep and wake up nice and early and watch more. Except I didn't. I woke up a couple times, but realized I was incredibly tired. I woke up at 4pm. Dang it.

So I actually had a point in watching all the videos. I needed inspiration. Since I was seeing John Green on Tuesday, I decided I couldn't go empty handed. Nor without some sort of "nerdfighter" gear. But, I was broke, so I couldn't buy a Nerdfighter shirt...
That where this shirt comes in. I've had it for.... 8 years now? ish? lol. I bought it at a thrift store, it was overstocked I think, because it looked new and still had price tags on it. Oh how I loved this shirt. I wore it quite often. And it got quite worn. Then I lost it. Recently I found it again. I considered it fate. I felt it could be revived. And made more awesomer. The pic above is after I already started messing with it. It had a lot more cracks in it. So I was painting the white letters white again. (hence the white paint on my fingers) Then, I added a few things. Four graphics from to be exact.
And because I felt that wasn't quite good enough, I also made matching earrings out of Shrinky Dinks. (which you can totally see in the picture) Heheheee.

The thing was... okay, so I woke up at 4pm Saturday. Watched a year's worth of vlogbrothers... plus a bit more, and don't get done until way after 4am Monday. So I've not slept in 36 hours. Now to start my project. ROFL. It's not like I can just sleep and wait to finish, the next day is Tuesday!!

So I first paint the cracks in the shirt, which takes a LOT of paint, then start on the clay. Oh... right... the "I decided I couldn't go empty handed" bit basically translates to: "I'm making John Green a Kyootee." ROFL. I decided to make him and the four books he has out now. So I've finished the clay stuffs, sketching out the graphics on to the shirt while the clay was baking. Then when the clay is done, I set it aside to dry, and get to painting the graphics, and coloring the ones on the shrinky dink paper. (using colored pencils) Thing is.... I do NOT remember much of the painting. As in... I'll remember saying:

"okay, let's do the skull and crossbones first,"

Next thing I know I'm saying:

"Okay, Hank next,"

while in the back of my mind I'm thinking:

"wait... we already painted the skull thing??"

And that continued through all four graphics. And then I was done with it.

I have no recollection of actually painting. I just know I did. This is how tired I was. Once I finished, I started on the Kyootee. I painted most of the hair, and the first coat on the shirt, when I realized I could not continue comfortably. It was one thing decorating my own shirt while in zombie mode - but this Kyootee was being given to someone. I decide to give in, make and print out the graphics for the back of the thing real quicklike, and sleep. It's 4pm on Monday. Knowing I had just officially gone 48 hrs without sleep, I give myself 13 hours to sleep. I figure 5am gives me plenty of time to finish the Kyootee.

When I wake up, I immediately get to work. I'm almost done with the little John before 830am hits, and I realize the bookstore I've preordered the book at opens in half an hour. It'd be helpful to have the book so I can see it from all angles when painting the little ones. (I also went to the library to re-check out the other three books.)
I was so excited to own my first John Green book. hehe. I began to read it at stoplights. lol.

I got home and eventually finished the little John. Then I realized the back to the Kyootee would require glue, so I went to do that, before I forgot and it would be unable to dry in time. Made a quick breakfast of leftover Easter foods. Then went back up to finish the books... which took a lot longer than I expected.

My original aim was to leave at 4, despite the fact that the event started at 7. I love arriving incredibly early when it's something I'm truly looking forward to. Last year, at Marina's show, (which was exactly a year ago yesterday... oh how time flies) it started at like, 6, and I arrived around... 1:30? ROFL. I waaaaay overestimated the traffic, so I hadn't originally planned on being that early. lol.

By the time I finished, I wasn't too far off my original departure time. It was around 4:30.
I should have taken more pics of the Kyootee... and the books, but yeah... we all know how well I do when I get over excited. I'm just grateful for remembering to snap this pic.

So I drive away, making sure I had everything at least a dozen times. lol. I get to the high school that it's being held at, and this school has like, FIFTY different parking lots!!! My old high school, had... 3? and they're all connected. This was ridiculous! I realized I was in over my head, so I park by the football field, and call the bookstore and asked where I should be parking. The lady who answered told me, and even explained it was the entrance by the tennis courts. So I leave one side, and go to the entrance at the tennis courts... to find it's a buss only parking lot. !!!!!UGH!!!!! I go back to what seems to be Staff Parking, park next to a car, and wait it out. For... 2 minutes. I don't want to call the bookstore again, cuz I already tried that. So I thought I'd try calling the school. I didn't have that number though, so I called 800-free-411. I spent HALF AN HOUR TRYING TO GET THE NUMBER. It used to be on that thing, that if they couldn't understand you, or if they were unable to find it, (it's automated) they'd connect you to a person, who would help. But, apparently, that great idea has fallen by the wayside. And also, apparently, free-411 didn't have this high school in its listings. I was just about to give in and call the normal 411, when the person I parked next to showed up. And she worked there! Hazzah! Surely she shall know where the heck I'm supposed to go. Apparently, I just didn't go far enough. The entrance was on the other side of the tennis courts. Silly me.

So I get there all happyfied, and sit in the car to read. The bookstore told me they wouldn't open the doors til 630, and it was around 545, so I waited. But I noticed folks were wandering in, and not coming back out. So at 6, I went in, cuz it was rather stuffy outside in the car. Much nicer inside. I was soooo excited! Around 6:40, they opened the doors (the doors to the auditorium, not the outside doors.... ooooooooh) and I got right in the middle in the second row. Heeeeeee.
This is the empty stage. LOL.

It was sooo great. Actually seeing the dude I've been watching on Youtube for so long.
And he and David were both quite funny. It was awesome. AWESOME.

And here's when John gets a phone call, and he says it's his brother Hank.

I even caught a bit "on tape." ... on record? Video'ed it? ROFL.

This is a stormtrooper. I was trying to get a good pic of him, but my camera was not being nice.

And he noticed my shirt! Heee. I had planned on recording the short convo I would have with him while he signed my book, and I'm kicking myself now, because I ended up being too stunned to hit record. D'oh. He offered to buy one of my shirts. Ha he haha. And he got a kick out of the Kyootee I made him.
Heeee. Oh! Joy is me! Due to the volume of people, (there were a couple hundred I think) we weren't allowed to take pictures with him, or have him sign anything other than books he wrote. That was sad but eh.

There's my book, newly signed. Heee. I sat in a back corner and read, rather than leaving right away, because I wanted to wait until the last possible moment to go. lol. It was funny, because quite a few "mom" looking ladies were opening their books right after they got off stage, and right about when they got to me, they'd ask their children, "What is DFTBA?" Of course, that's a standard saying in Nerdfighteria, and so the kids would respond with "Don't Forget to be Awesome." And the moms would say "oooooh, that's cute!" The first time I heard it, I smirked. By the fifth time, I was now keeping a tally. 11 moms asked that question. Hee hee haha.

Once the line diminished, I noticed some folk who already got their books signed went back in line. So I followed. I got a picture!
YAY! AND I got him to sign my shirt! Weeee! It is now tacked up on my wall.

I'm afraid to wash it, so mayhaps I shall spray it with febreeze and leave it that way. I was only wearing it for around 5 hours anyhow, right? lol. I don't want my paint job messing up.

So yeah!! That was my awesome week. Hehe hahaha. And ooo! Another bit of awesome?! So my dad asked me a couple weeks ago, "If I bought you some books on UNIX and Windows, would you read them? I might be able to get you a job at my work in another department..." To which I responded "Um... a JOB!? Why YES, I do think I'd read these books if it meant a JOB."

Well, it turns out, another department is being opened, and it requires even less knowledge of UNIX and Windows - you need only to know how to turn a computer on, look things up, and use the telephone. Um... yeah, I can totally do all that. And then from there, once I actually learn UNIX and Windows, I'd have an opportunity to move up. It'd be a full time job, and one of the many best parts, since it's a new job, they're hiring for all shifts. Which, is really good for me. Because then I could get a 3rd shift job, and be able to stay up nights - which I do all the time anyway. The only tricky bit about that would be the fact that my dad and I use the same car. Basically, if I'm thinking rightly, it would require me to pick him up from the train station at around 6, then for him to drop me off at the train station at night. I'd say I could go for the first shift, and I might talk to my dad about what he thinks, but I'm pretty sure my dad works a couple hours off of a normal first shift. He starts a few hours early, and since it's a different department, I might not be able to do the same thing.

But anyway, so the good news is, at the end of this awesome week, I've also been informed that I may have a job available to me soonish. Weeee!!!

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