Friday, July 30, 2010

Planning on catching up

Toothless! I LOVED How to Train Your Dragon. I have a sewing pattern to make my own Toothless plushie, and totally plan on trying - even though I've never used sewing patterns before. Ha. Wish me luck on that one.

A noxyism:
Been a while since I've posted noxyisms.

Can't recall when I changed my firefox theme, but I did. To Castle.
Oh how I love that show.

And here's my desktop. It's been like this for a while though, will probably change it soon. The little toy in the middle is me, via Toy Creator.

Yesterday I got my thumb socks.
...What are thumb socks?
There's a site, called In their battle against texting while driving, they thought up the idea of thumb socks, the idea being that with that extra layer of cloth, it would be difficult to text, so you wear them when you're driving.

These are the pair I've decided to keep. I might give the other pair to my brother, because he's always texting while driving. Ugh.

The thing is... the socks are actually pretty thin... and I can still text with them on... but eh, maybe it's just the thought of having them on that makes you not want to text. *shrug*


Tomorrow marks the one year of Britney's passing.
I still miss her every now and then. And I'm still alone in wanting another dog. Everyone else in this family seems to think that it's not worth it - to fall in love with a dog only to have them die in the end. Me? I think that's a morbid and messed up way of looking at it. That's you looking at the very end of the years you spent in the relationship. Britney was with us for around ten years. Ten years! And all they remember is having to say goodbye?!

Why do people choose to remember the sadness over the happiness? Or is it even a choice? Maybe you can't choose? I remember sitting in rather uncomfortably on a convo between a friend and his mom. My friend was complaining about all the sad/mean things that childhood brought him. His mom would pipe up with happy things, and he would always respond with "I don't remember that." His mom responded with "well that's your problem! You think your childhood was all dark and dreary because you've blocked all the memories that had the good in it!" Hmm...

Alright, so here's how it's going down. I'm hoping to catch up on all the posts I planned on making over the past couple months. You'll know that it's a catch-up post because there will be dates listed in the title.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So it's been a while since I've blogged. I'm not really sure why. I mean, I am sure I think.

I... am rather anti-social. I get in to moments when I try to go against the grain and socialize. But then I go too far, get freaked out, and as a result, end up hiding from anyone and everyone.

I end up reading and playing facebook games. Avoiding emails, texts... I lock myself in my room most of the time to avoid even speaking to my own family.

Talking to the blog world counts in my mind as socializing. Which is... sad. Because I still take pictures of things I want to share with blog world, I just haven't wanted to actually blog about them yet. So... mayhaps once I kick this funk, I'll catch up. Share everything that's happened for the last two months. Ha.

This isn't to say I haven't been keeping up with most things though. I do still read posts from the ED Forum, and try to add my two cents occasionally, and I still read the blogs I follow, I just haven't been commenting. I haven't been watching my Youtube subscriptions though... oh how many have I missed... most of the folks I subscribe to post 3-5 times a week. Ha.

And technically I'm forced in to social interactions when someone physically pounds on my door. Actually some of my pictures I've taken are from such interactions.

I'll be back... eventually I imagine... *hugs* to all.

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