Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

10/30... the 2nd

Ha... I think this is a new event. Posting twice in one day. Oh wells, it sorta feels like it's a new day, since I posted last night at 130am. James McAvoy... whew, he... is... yummy. I found I have quite a few icons of this beautiful man on this laptop. And I'm certainly not complaining.

I went back to the library. Thank goodness I planned it this way, because I thought I returned all but one of my previous batch... but that was incorrect. One of the books fell behind my chair in the car. And I probably wouldn't have even realized it had I not been looking to re-check it out in the library today. When it wasn't there, I looked in my car. Phew. Close one. Actually, I need to hop on my 'puter upstairs to double check and make sure I've turned in all the books from the last batch... cuz I've gone completely overboard with all the books I've borrowed. Ya know how yesterday (last night... early this morning.... whatever) I said I checked out almost 20? Well, I checked out about that much today too. Ahem. So I've got about 40 books to wander through. Technically, it's probably closer to 37, and actually, it's more like 31, because 6 are for the boyfriend to read. Ha. Of the 30 or so books I have for myself:
~3 are fiction
~5 are books to improve writing
~4 are books I'll probably only flip through
~4 are on cloth dolls and doll costumes
~4 are on sewing
~4 are on misc stuffs
~4 are artwork books that I'll be just staring at
~3 are on polymer clay

Those are my lovely books. And my tote that I carry my notebook and my writing companion - a stuffed polar bear named Mel - in. UGH! So I got paranoid and went upstairs to make sure all the books from my last batch were in and I didn't misplace any. It said I missed one. Damn it. So I hop in my car and go searching for the missing book. Nothing. My friend took me to the library yesterday, so I texted her to ask to check her car when she got out of work. Meanwhile, I wandered back to the library to see if the book was there. And it was. Dang it. I'm freaking out because I thought I'd lost a book, and they had just stocked the book but never checked it back in. So I brought it to the front desk, and the lady assured me it was impossible, and that it must be another copy of the same book. But she looked it up, and sure enough, it was the same book. Dern it. The lady was all like "Oh my! I don't understand how that could have happened!" Talk about a *PHEW* moment.

A few days ago, me and a friend went to a pet store. We were attacked by salespeople in a way different than normal. Rather than them talking to us and asking the same questions, they came armed with animals. One with three kittens, and one with a golden retriever puppy. So my friend - being a cat person - went with the kittens, and me - the dog person - went with the puppy. They gave me two puppy toys - that the puppy had absolutely no interests in. Instead, the puppy chewed on my shoelaces, (untied them) my hoody sleeve, and my camera strap.

There's the pup, attacking my strap. She was a sweetie, just in to the tugging phase. I had to hide my camera before she did damage. While she was grabbing at my sleeve, she nicked my thumb, right at the cuticle, which is already terrible. It started to bleed, a lot. So I tucked my thumb in my fist as fast as possible, and stood to get someone's attention. Couldn't play with the puppy with a bloody hand. NOONE was around!! They were gone! There were customers, no salespeople! Usually there's a dozen different folks asking me one by one if I want to buy the dog I'm playing with, but not this time. So I'm standing there, waiting for someone, and trying to fight off the puppy, because since I stood, it started tugging on my shoelaces again. When I finally got someone, she gave me a bandage and showed me to the bathroom. Despite the fact that I had tucked my thumb in my fist tightly, the blood was still flippin' flowing! So I washed it a couple times with the soap, and used the bandage. Then I went looking for my bud. She was still in a cubby, with the kittens. When I looked over the wall, she looked up at me and said "the kitten lady never came back." It was crazy! They must have been short staffed that day. I wandered around until I could find someone to take the kittens so we could leave. Oy.

I took a couple more pictures of the clay pumpkin and the carved pumpkin today.

I have them on a box, on an end table. I opened the window just enough to show the pumpkins, but I didn't lke how much it exposed in the living room, so I taped up a garbage bag to cover the pumpkins and the window. Ha. I win. The last picture sorta looks like my clay pumpkin has an extra tooth. That's one of the flickering candles. There's three in it, because just one didn't seem bright enough.

While I was outside taking the picture of how the pumpkins looked in the dark, I wanted to share this with you too. Most of this bush is still green, but a few of the leaves are beginning to turn. If I remember I'll go back out tomorrow and take a few pics of some of the other leaves too. I just love how this bush starts to turn. It's so pretty.

When I came back in, I took a picture of my halloween costume. It's like, you know, three halloweens old, but meh. Thought I could dress up while passing out candy.

And then, while wandering this laptop, a thinger came up to tell me to clear out space on the hard drive. I clicked the button that said to do it manually, and up popped the Add/Remove programs. The first program was a webcam program. I was like "wha?!" So I went searching, and lo and behold, the little dot on the top of the screen is a webcam! Hahaha. So I took a picture of my camera, the cable 'mote, and my phone. Hahaha.

Currently watching the Panic Room. Didn't know that Stewart chick was in it. Interesting. So I'm off to watch, and take a gander at some of the books I have set out. hehe


I'm unable to think of a good title for today's blog. Oh well. I'm feeling a bit sick to my stomach right now. I had some devilled eggs (not sure of the spelling) and I don't think they liked me as much as I liked them. Joy. I'm also on my mom's laptop as opposed to my computer. So I only have a couple of icons accessible to me, and I don't rightly feel like looking for new icons. This one is of Zooey Deschanel. I absolutely adore this actress. I think she's gorgeous. In all honesty, Zooey is definitely current inspiration for my someday ED. Yep, my someday ED has changed again. No longer is it black haired, gold eyed, Noire. Haha.

I returned 18 of the 19 books I checked out from the library. Tomorrow I plan on returning the last book, re-checking out three I returned yesterday, and checking out a couple more books. That's... added to the 16 books I checked out yesterday. In my defense, a lot of them were not chosen to read, but rather to admire. Books full of artwork and whatnot, to just stare at. I also picked up some books on polymer clay. I still have a lot to learn on the medium. And some "For Dummies" books on sketching and painting, two categories that I would love to further explore, both of which I'm rather horrible at in my own opinion. And a few more books on writing.

I'm getting annoyed at my blog thingy. I have the list of blogs I love to read. And I visit my blog to see the list to find out if it's been updated. But I noticed 2 weeks ago that the list wasn't updating itself. Like, Reddiker Woodes, She's been writing almost every day and it wasn't until just recently that my list updated itself. So I went back and read all the entries I missed. And while I visited Yren's blog, I noticed my blog on her list wasn't updated either. EVen though it's been like two weeks since I last wrote, two weeks is still sooner than the entry that's listed as most recent, which was more like three weeks ago. It bothers me. I started to rely on the blog list to keep me updated, and it's not. So now I've been checking each blog indiviually every day, like I used to before I started depending on blogspot. It looks as though it's updating again, so all is well, but still, it sure did annoy me for long enough.

As I mentioned above, I'm on my mom's laptop. She begged my dad for a laptop for years, even though she doesn't know how to use a 'puter, and so my dad bought her one for her birthday. He spent days trying to teach her to use it, and she'd stand there and not listen. Then she'd complain because she doesn't know how to use it. Frickin' annoying. Then she asked my dad if he bought it at Walmart, so that she could possibly return it and use the money for something else. He didn't, and actually, this laptop was on sale because it was being discontinued. So ha. And well, I've wanted a laptop too. Just because I like the idea of being able to sit elsewhere's other than my desk. So a few months ago I asked to borrow my mom's laptop, and she told me to keep it until she asked for it back. She hasn't asked for it back. So I've been using it, although I tend to use it mainly to listen to music while I'm playing with clay. The laptop is significantly slower than my computer, so I tend to get frustrated and have to calm myself down when the laptop is extra slow.

I'm on this laptop because the boyfriend is on my 'puter. His computer died a couple weeks back. It shows the blue screen of death before it even loads the computer. So he's going to start saving for a new 'puter. He got a job too! He works at a deli counter now in a grocery store. He actually doesn't like it at all. But, it's all he's got right now, so he'll live with it. I'm going to head further away to go job hunting. I figure the closer we get to the holidays, the more jobs available. I'll settle for seasonal for sure.

I think I'm going to do something I'm ashamed to say I haven't done in years. I'm going to clean my room. It's terrible in there. It basically looks like I'm a hoarder. I've got paths within the trash in order to get from A to B to C. A = the bed, B = the desk, C = the bathroom. My fridge and the closet don't have paths, you have to hope for the best in order to access them. The last time I cleaned my room was probably about 6 months after we moved in to this house. That was.... over 3 years ago? I'm terrible. Maybe I am a hoarder. A packrat. When I looked up compulsive hoarding... I've found the characteristics sound like me. I also find that the "Digital Hoarding" is me as well.

I'm incredibly glad that "Animal hoarding" is not me though. I'd hate to think of hoarding living creatures. Once, I ended up with 30+ dwarf hamsters, but that was completely by accident, and as a result, I doubt I'll ever have hamsters ever again. I started with two. Then, I bought two more from a friend, (only one survived... ate the other one. Very terrible. The survivor was then named "Killer".) I then bought 1 from another friend. His name was Sam, and he was HUGE. He had tried to escape his cage (which was an aquarium all to himself... he had his own, Killer had his own, and then the two I bought from the pet store - Pen and Pencil - had their own.) and ended up getting stuck upside down, hanging by one foot, on his home. I had checked on him that morning, but was gone all day, so that night I found him, he was not moving. He's a biter, and worse, he bites and holds, to where you need to shake him off. I was afraid to touch him, and ended up using a piece of cardboard to lift him until he was lifted off his home. He was alive, and incredibly hungry and thirsty. Poor Sam. Of all the hamsters I had, I probably loved Sam and Killer the most. Killer, despite the initial setback of him killing and eating his brother, he amazed me because he was so active and strong. I had a normal hamster cage for him originally, but it was so hard to maintain, we switched to an aquarium. We took the floor of the real cage, which was sorta ladder like, and put it in Sam's cage. He didn't do anything with it, so I tried putting it in Killer's cage. Immediately, he started climbing all over 'em like monkey bars. Pull ups and whatnot. And he did it all the time. He was awesome. Anyhoo, Pen and Pencil reproduced. It was exciting the first time, but it left me with five more hamsters. So then I had seven hamsters in one cage. Another pregnancy and I had 13 in one cage, I bought another cage, but I couldn't put any of the hamsters in with Sam or Killer, they were completely unrelated to the pet shop hamsters. Actually, Sam is the nephew of Killer. Me and my friend each bought our two hamsters from the same person, then I bought one hamster from her. But seeing as how Killer didn't get along with his own brother, I was certainly not going to attempt to try things out with Sam and Killer together. Noone wanted any hamsters, (with one exception, I was able to give two away to a friend, but that's it) and the pet store didn't have room for anymore. So I had 13 hamsters in two cages. 13 became 20. 20 became 30. And that's not including the 6 babies that died because I was stupid and moved the cage. It was late, I was trying to sleep. And one of the Pens or Pencils was going at it with the danged hamster wheel. I knew not to mess with the cage when babies were around, because the friend I gave two hamsters to did it, and the parents ate the babies. But, I NEEDED them out of there, so I CAREFULLY placed the cage outside my door. That morning, no more babies.

I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I think a disease may have found its way to the hamsters. They started to die. It was incredibly sad every time one died. I tried my hardest to keep them all checked on during multiple times of the day. But school was still around. High school. And I couldn't be around then. The hamsters kept dying. When they died, I would try to get them out of the cage as fast as humanly possible, because hamsters... they eat each other. I'll never forget walking down (my room was in the basement) to check on them, only to find one being eaten.... alive. *shudders* There were quite a few holes in the backyard that year. I buried each and everyone of them, even the ones that were no longer... whole. All in all, it was an incredibly terrifying experience. I never ever want another hamster.

...Moving on... I'll be attempting to clean my room soon enough. During which time I'll be kicking the boyfriend out. Cleaning is something I need to do on my own. He often offers to help, and definitely hates how my room has become, but I can't clean with him. I need to be alone.

I... am terrified of scary movies. Did I ever tell you that? Oh yes. Terrified. I HATE scary movies. Gremlins gives me nightmares. And that's supposed to be a comedy... I'm told. The Ring gave me nightmares, and I don't even think that was rated R. Right now, I'm watching... Drag Me to Hell. And I'm freaking out. FREAKING OUT. But, my bro and his girl started watching it while I was down here. Lots.. of fun.

Moving on... atleast trying to. Over the last few weeks I've mainly been playing with clay, reading, and trying to write. I'd shown my dad the little pumpkin thinger I made for Linny, and he told me to make a normal sized jack-o-lantern. I told him it would cost like, $20 bucks for the clay. I was wrong. I'd never made something so large before, usually I make small stuff. It took about $40 for it. I don't know if I'm happy with the way it came out, but I believe it's acceptable. I haven't taken a pic of it without light yet, but I did take a picture of it lit in the window. My dad bought battery operated flickering candles for it.

The picture was taken with my phone, because my batteries on my camera batteries need to be charged again. A couple days ago I did something I haven't done since I was atleast 9... I carved
a pumpkin. Ha. We haven't had a real jack-o-lantern in years and years. And usually we only ever carve basic shaped faces, like the clay jack-o-lantern I made above.

My friend and her family were carving pumpkins and I was invited to participate. They use paper stencils to carve pumpkins, so I did too. I chose the hardest one in the book to do, and it took me hours, but I'm happy with the result.

I have a headache. It's terrible. It won't go away. And so, I'm going away. Goodnight.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

costumed dollies

The Joker in The Dark Knight was awesome. Heath Ledger did a wonderful job. Really.

Did you know if you're in the US, you could order flat rate boxes for free from I only recently found this out, and decided to order some boxes... in the small chance I may need them. I am absolutely terrible at imagining sizes based on dimensions given, so I ordered the maximum.... which... thinking now... sounds.... like a lot.... 500 boxes. ROFLMAO. I got a few of the small boxes one day, and then the next day a few more of the small boxes came in, and I figured that was it, cuz I had forgotten how many I ordered. It was funny, because I kept having to explain them to my family. Then a couple days later.... I get the rest of the boxes...

Tada! I had received only 6 of those smaller packages before the rest arrived. And then I had to re-explain. lol. So now all of those boxes are in the dining room - the room that I have hi-jacked to use for my crafts. I'm a bit tired of the lack of light in the basement, even though I've got three lamps with the shades removed, one desk light, and the main light all on at once. *shrug* So now I'm in the dining room. No one seems to mind... I don't think. Well, I suppose my brother might hate it, but hey whatever, we don't use that room for 363 days a year. Thanksgiving and Christmas would be the only times we ever use it. It's not like he has a problem with me using the space though... it's the fact that I'm not exactly the neatest when I've taken over an area to play... meh.

That is my paint station... while it's clean... I should take a picture of it now. Hahaha. It's just a small end table in my defense... but yeah.... it's so sad how my stations get progressively smaller. All that paint doesn't normally stay with me though, it usually stays in my dad's room, on his desk, so that he can use it for his sticks.

So I spent days and days on the costumes, and finally finished them! All FOUR. Hahaha. Was incredibly frustrating, because I can not sew at all. The small bit of sewing I did do started coming apart, so I ended up using glue for almost everything. Lemme show pictures, so that I may speak of specifics.

Yaaaay... so I decided GemmaNoire would not be Gemma Noire this time. Noire is now Corrine. Scarlett is Gemma, and Hathar is Etti. Technically speaking, Scarlett and Hathar were supposed to be on the opposite doll... and the two outfits were supposed to be switched too... but upon beginning the corsets for the Bride and the Pirate, I made the last minute decision of switching them. With the hopes that the GemmaScarlett Bride outfit might actually somewhat fit an ED. The pirate outfit is so terribly done, and Etti's so much bigger, that I can't hope much of anything for that one. lol. And Dorothy is a three piece outfit. It's possible that it might fit an ED, but it's not very flattering. lol.

There's them without their faces. Haha. I'd like to also mention the ANNOYINGness of the crappy stands I made for Etti and Gemma. I spent all this time straightening wire hangers, then I actually used powers tool for the first time ever, to cut two pieces of wood. I sanded the wood a bit, then drilled two holes in to each of them. Then I yanked the wire through so the wire was basically bent in half, then twisted the two halves together. But I measured wrong, and had to change them so many times, then they weren't very secure... was just major ugh. Gemma's stand is actually wrapped around her under her boobs and under the bodice. Which makes the bodice not sit right, though you can't tell too much by the picture. And Etti's is so tempermental... she fell half a dozen times during my picture taking. Actually, I finally found a way to keep her up... At the fireplace (where I was taking the pics) there's a little porcelain dog... you can actually see it a bit in this picture:

Anyhoo, it's fairly heavy, so I stuck that on the wood, and hid him with Etti's skirt. That's why the bottom of her skirt in those pics are so poofy. lol.

Corrine is Dorothy. I made a clay Dorothy shoe to replace her normal red boot. Also made her an under dress, which is made of child size footless tights. So the bottom of the under dress has lace. The skirt isn't attached to the jumper part, because it's just easier to mess with that way. Her hair is only temporary - it's my dark brown wool. And then there's a basket with Toto in it. Hehe

Etti is a pirate. The outfit is based on a costume I wore three years back. Here's the only pic I could find of me in the outfit:

I took the pic in the car while waiting for the boyfriend to get off work. The plan was: me and the bf, my bro and his gf, and two of my friends, were all going to see the latest Saw. (Saw... 3? I think) The two friends decided to see the movie beforehand though, and didn't want to see it again. So they bailed. It was a bit upsetting, because the whole point of the trip was to see everyone in their outfits. So they were going to wait until after the rest of us were done with the movie, then meet up with us again, and we'd all go out to eat. So, me and the bf, and my bro and his gf, went to the movie. Oh boy... I didn't get far in to it. It was too... painful and gross. The bf and I ended up having to leave early. Only to find out my two friends already ate. Thanks for waiting. Ha. So we got frustrated, and went to eat.... only to realize that we were frustrated at my friends for basically ditching us... and we'd just done the same thing to my bro and his gf. ...Damn. I still feel bad for that.

Anyhoo, the hat and sword is made of clay. I regret the way I made the sword, I made it without a skeleton of anysort, so it feels very fragile. I love the hat, but I had made it using Gemma as the model, so it doesn't quite fit Etti. Mayhaps I'll take a pic of Gemma wearing the hat some time. Etti's hair is only temporary, it's orange wool that was kindly given to me by mayple. :)

Gemma was a bride. I was a bride in.... second grade I think? I wore my mom's wedding dress. I shot up around 1st or second grade, was the same height as my mom, then shortly after I stopped growing. But my mom figured that was the only time I'd ever be able to wear her dress. So yep. Her dress looked nothing like this dress though. And my original plans for this dress is slightly different, but meh, it works. The bodice is made of paper mache, (so is Etti's corset... except the area with the string... that's just fabric glued underneat the corset) the skirt is attached to the bodice by glue. There's an underskirt, which is made of some lace and tulle. I'm not sure if it actually does anything, but meh. The bouquet is made of clay, with wire stems, and have some of the lace used in the bodice wrapped around it. She's wearing Etti's hair, because I wanted her hair to be curly, and Gemma's normal hair is straight. But Etti is bigger than Gemma, so I had to use a bit of glue to keep the hair on. lol.

A closeup of Toto... what a failure that was. LOL. I tried making him without any references. And then I used a texturing technique I'd never done before... which took six HOURS... and once he was done.. I realized poor Toto looked more like a bear. lol. Oh well. I tried my hardest to paint the basket entirely, but dag-nabbit, I actually weaved together strips of clay for it, so I can't seem to get in between some of those pesky strips. lol. The flowers are wildflowers are real, I didn't make them, they come right out. I found them in our front yard and thought they were adorable. They might be aster... I looked up flower meanings online (for another purpose) and happened across them, and they look a lot like them. Elegance and Love... Just in case you were curious. lol.

A closeup of Gemma's flowers. This was why I was looking up flower meanings.
There's calla lilies: "Magnificent Beauty"
Stephanotis: "Marital Happiness"
And White Roses: "Charm and Innocence"
I looked them up before making them. I wasn't sure I wanted to make roses, but meh.

A shot of the bottom half of the pic. The leaves, berries... flower... the "outside" stuff is all real, I wandered outside for a quick walk to find them. Except the rose in front - my mom has a bouquet hanging upside down from a kitchen light (NO idea why) - and the pumkin, which was bought at walmart for 60 cents.

Linny's outfit is probably my favorite outfit... which is sad. LOL.

A closeup of the candies and cookies. Teehee. There's three red berries in there that aren't made of clay, they're real.

So Yeah... Linny is a ninja turtle. She's Raphael. This is a flashback to yesteryear. I was Raphael when I was 5. Everyone asked me the same effin' question, which really pissed me off: "There's a girl ninja turtle??" NO! There ISN'T! I just happen to like the RED ONE, got a PROBLEM WITH THAT!?!?! Ugh. Okay, so I was a tomboy when I was younger. I tell ya though, I learned my lesson, I was never a "boy" for Halloween again. Technically speaking... I think there may have eventually been a female ninja turtle, who was light blue... but I can't be sure, and I think that was years after my appearance as Raph.

I find it funny that Linny's is my favorite costume, because it was the most simple to make. I paper mache'd her shell, painted it, attached it to her with the "belt" - which is actually painted aluminum foil, then used thin balloons for the rest of it. You know, the balloons used in balloon animals? Yep. It was a bitch getting the green bits on, but the red bits were fairly simple, because they were smaller. Then her... er... sai (had to look up the spelling... the little mini sword things) are made of clay.

And... that's it for now! It's 11:30 and I wanna do some more clay painting before bed. Night!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random advertising day. Yay.

Dirty Dancing. I loved this movie when I was a kid. Still do. Hee hee haha.

So anyhoo... yeah. Very short post planned for today. Random advertising day. No it's not an official day. I just decided to name it that. Ha.

I planned on starting on my costumes today, but er... hit some snags, because I'm so completely clueless about sewing clothing. So, some good news and bad news. Good news - it's all an interesting learning experience. Bad news - it's unlikely that if I manage to complete the costumes, I'll want to sell them. Not because I'll be attached to the outfits or whatever, but rather, the way in which I'm going about two of the costumes, I'd consider "cutting corners," and so would be unacceptable to sell. Mayhaps I could still sell the third costume.. *shrug* oh well. At least I'll have fun with the costumes. Hehe.

I'm beginning to feel a bit better. You know, sick-wise. Actually, my tooth isn't bothering me as much either. I've found if I chew on one side of my mouth, and stay away from cold foods, I find myself without pain. HA! I win.

I'm running low on clay. How incredibly dreadful. I'll hafta see about finding moolah to buy some more soon. Else I shall go crazy.

And on to the advertising...

First off... let me officially advertise my brother's store thing. Located here. The closest thing I can think of to describe it is... avon. And the like. But this thing he does doesn't only sell makeup and skincare, (found in the Other category on the site) there's also nutritional stuff, energy drinks, vitamins... household cleaning goods... air purifiers... and stuff. Hahaha. My favorite product? The Fudgy Brownies snack bars. They're yummola. I had wandered in to my brother's room to snag a fudgy brownie so often, that all I had to do was show up at his door, and he'd automatically throw me one. Hahaha. Now my dad buys a bunch of the snack bars and keeps them downstairs. So I can just wander down there to get some rather than stealing my brother's. Hahaha. So... if you're looking to buy er... nutritional stuff and what not.... wander over there. Haha.

I guess the next thing I'll advertise is mark. I have a mark store. The link is also on the side here, but I thought I could atleast officially announce the thing. If you don't know of mark...
"mark is an edited collection of the latest on trend products that have broad appeal AND deliver the unexpected "find". Like a boutique!"
I took that from the about mark section of the mark store. Basically, it's a division of avon, that's geared towards a younger crowd. The products are still good though. I'm 23 now, been using mark stuff for five years. Fun stuff. My favorite product is:
Glossblossom Lip Tint - clear gloss that turns pink when you put it on. It's fun. hehe

OMG I'm so incredibly awesome at advertising. I amaze myself. Next...

I have a deviantArt page. Ha. Technically speaking... I've had an account for over two years... but the most I ever used it for was adding favorites. lol. Today, I decided to actually use my account. Ha! Yay. And for my first uploads? ED related pics. HAHAHA. My first pics are of Ruth's Yren and Mayple's Fern. Yaaay. Oh, right, you probably need the link right? Here ya go.

I think... that that's it for now. Yep. I'm so sleepy. I've been going to sleep early the past couple of days, and sleeping waaay too long. I can't go to sleep yet, DwtS is on now, and Castle is on after! Can't sleep yet. Nope.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

*cough sneeze sniffle*


[EDIT] It happened again. Some code was messed up, and deleted part of my entry! I can't remember most of that either. This is ridiculous. I *knew* I should have written it in gmail first. Atleast copied the effin' thing before I hit publish. But nooooo, I figured, psch, it would be fine. WHY DO YOU HATE ME BLOGGER?!?! *attempts to rewrite grudgingly* [/EDIT]

I'm feeling a cold coming along. I realize I've said "I feel like I'm getting sick" quite often in past posts, but it's always true. I feel like I'm playing a game with the sickness. See who can catch the other first. I begin to feel like I'm getting sick, so I attack. I pour this immunity liquid stuff in to a a large glass of fruit juice, then use that to take some Vitamin C tablets, and other various vitamins. I continue with that attack, and in one to two days, the beginnings of the sick are gone, and I feel fine once again. But then the sick tries to get me again, a few days or weeks later. And I attack back again. An ongoing battle. This one feels worse though. I've barely gotten much sleep because my throat hurts so bad I can't fall back asleep. And I've been freezing, when no one else thinks it's even cold. Usually it's the other way around. Last night I even went to sleep in socks. Something I never do. I hate sleeping in socks. For the same reason I hate wearing mittens. And why my hands and feet can't stay under the covers at night. And why I can't cover my face up with anything for any reason. I hate how constrained it is. I feel suffocated. I can't even wear gloves unless they're the fingerless ones - which in my mind sort of defeats the purpose of gloves, and yet, I still wear them. So last night I slept in socks, and huddled in a ball under the covers. So not me. My hands are freezing, and I wanna play with clay some more. Grrr.

Enough stupid sick talk. I realized yesterday I didn't have any pictures to go with my post. How sad. My batteries for my camera are charging, so today I'll have to use phone camera shots.

I'll start with a pic of my brother. From yesteryear.

Old picture means old camera. Enter detective work. My brother... doesn't look much different from then and now, so I can't tell by him. The pic was taken in the loft of the old house, which means at least three years ago. That would make me originally assume that the picture was taken with my first camera phone - which I got in June of '06.... however (hahaha... isn't my rambling entertaining?!) the computer is on. That computer stopped working way before '06. Plus the tv to the left... is not a tv I even remember. We've not thrown out any tv's... which means it must have belonged to my ex - who lived with us for about a year in '03 to '04. Which means also that the "what the HELL did I take this picture with?!" question is answered - the ex signed up for a family plan with him and my brother back then, and they both got identical camera phones. Soooo... this picture was taken around 6 years ago, making my brother... 15. Awwww! Little Jimmy.

The next two pics are of Jimmy from our trip to Walmart last night.

I didn't like the stupid sunglasses tag posing as his nose, so I made him take them off.

The visor was so cute. Came with orange/blue fluffy hair. I tried and failed to persuade my brother to buy one for himself. lol.

The next picture was taken today. But it's an item I got last night. I... LOVE crane game machines. I have dozens of various toys I've won from them. Almost all of them were only won because I felt they would be easily won - not necessarily because I wanted them. Only a couple fall in to that category. Ha. The following.... does not fall in to the "wanted" category:

I don't even know what the heck it is. It was face down in the machine, it's back isn't furry like the front, the back is just a plain fabric - sorta like a cheapo blanket material. I think it might be... well no... ya know what? I really don't know. It has those cheeks, which makes me think hamster or guinea pig... but it has a fairly long tail. And only two feet... yeah no, I'm not certain what it is. Just add it to the other pointless toys I've won from those things. Ha... I remember this one time, I was about to put money in to a machine, and this kid came up and was like "Can I say something?? ... There's a zero percent chance you'll win something and a 150 percent chance you'll lose." He seemed happy with himself and stood there staring at me. My response was "Um... okay." *insert money* I ended up winning something. TWO somethings. I was aiming at a cute mickey mouse football player for my brother, missed and grabbed a minnie mouse cheerleader instead, who ended up being stuck to a different mickey football player, and they both managed to stay in the claw. Upon seeing this apparently impossible feat, he gawked, his eyes bugged out, and he squeaked, then ran to his dad exclaiming "She won something! She won something!!" Ah hahahaha.... take THAT statistics.

So I've been side tracked in my plans for those costumes. I was having too much fun playing with clay. I was supposed to have tried to make stands for Etti and Gemma, a couple clay things for props, then on to the costumes themselves. But, no. That was fail. I started instead with the clay, and continued to play with it instead of moving on. lol. FAIL.

Ah, and to answer my buddy Paiva's question as to whether these costumes are related - nope, not in the slightest. I chose them for different reasons - the first costume because I was once one for Halloween, (I'm using that costume as a reference to make this one in fact) the second just because I wanted to make the dress, and the third... because I want her shoes. Well, there is one similarity... they're all dresses. Hahahaha. And that's all you'll get from me! Atleast for now. I still have various ideas in my head over how to go about actually making the costumes, and of course they won't shut up until I actually try them... but I still wanna play with clay... atleast a little longer. Hahaha. I'm going to try making these costumes real well, or atleast, as best as a beginner can, because ideally, I'd like to try and sell them. Though I'll have to be sure to include measurements in the description, since my dolls aren't exact as far as measurements go. *shrug*

I'll end today's post with an ED picture. Been a while since I've done that I think.

Tada! Another picture of Lolita. She's so lovely. Sold for almost $7k USD. Wish I had that much moolah, I could buy myself a doll. lol. Her outfit will be sold on ebay as well, can't wait to see how much that goes for.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why am I still here? o.O

Ha hee haha. Another Harry potter icon. Oh the cuteness.

An update on A Lion Among Men - the book I've been reading for... months. I'm frustrated. I don't want to stop reading it, because well, I've read the other two books in the series, so I don't want to leave the series unfinished. But... I just can't seem to want to read it. Since I re checked it out those couple weeks ago, I've read only twenty pages. And that was broken down to 5 pages the first day I re checked it out, and 15 this past Monday. It's a battle, making myself read it. Oy. This book, this series, is definitely not one of my favorites.

I... have a fear of doctors. And anything that may fall in to that category. Eye doctors, and dentists count too. The last time I encountered a doctor, it was an eye doctor, and I was shaking so bad, the poor guy had to continually talk to try and calm me down. It's been about six years since I've gone to a doctor, and over ten years since I've gone to a dentist. Which, is a little crazy, since I think that last dentist visit screwed me over. They put a filling in a tooth, where the gum above it has since been swollen. It sometimes hurts to use that tooth, so I don't often use that side to eat. And it's been like that since the dentist visit. Ha.

Well, things have gotten worse. I think there's a cavity in a tooth on that same side, and it's gotten so bad that when I eat something, that tooth gives me severe pain. Orajel doesn't work on it, all that does is sorta numb that side of my tongue and cheek. Yesterday the pain was so bad, I took some Motrin, then curled up on my bed unmoving until the pain went away. It's making me afraid to eat. That was the morning of two days ago, and I haven't eaten since. I am going to try eating today though, there's a can of soup in the pantry, so I'm going to see if hot liquids bother the tooth as bad as normally eating does. Water doesn't bother it, unless it's cold water, which isn't a problem, since we keep our bottled water sitting in the entryway, so they're not refrigerated.

I won't go to the dentist. I'm using "I'm completely broke" as the excuse, but honestly, even if I had the money I wouldn't go. The only reason I'm able to handle the eye doctor is because the exam is fairly unobtrusive. The worst they do is blow a puff of air in to my eyes... which I always blink at, so often and quickly that they don't realize I've blinked, and as a result, they have to numb my eyes to make sure I don't have glaucoma. The dentist is far worse. Attacking and stabbing and yelling at me for not taking good care of my teeth... I would much rather knock the tooth out on my own than go to a dentist to stop the pain. I saw Tom Hanks do it on Cast Away... he used a rock and an ice skate. I bet it hurt one hell of a lot when he did it, but atleast the pain eventually went away...

Moving on, I've been thinking of various costumes for my costume party picture... and I think I'm making three costumes. Hahaha. So Etti, Corinne, and Gemma will all be participating. Wish me luck with that. lol. I'm going to attempt to make some doll stands for Etti and Gemma, so they don't all have to be sitting. (Corinne has a broken leg, so she will have to sit) I spent a bit of yesterday trying to make some clay thingers for one of their costumes, Etti's I think. I'm about to head down to paint them, and see if they'll fit together. Here's hoping. Hahaha.

I had been a bit sad, because I raided my closet for pretty fabric from clothes I no longer wear, and couldn't find anything. My closet consists of various tshirts and jeans. I don't have much of anything else. But then I asked my mom if she had any pretty clothing she no longer wears. Talk about Jackpot. She wandered through her closet for about ten minutes, and came out with a bunch of lovely different shirts and skirts and dresses. And she wasn't even done looking through them all when I decided I had enough to work with. Hahaha. It was definitely a happy moment. When ya got no moolah to buy fabric, cutting up old clothes works too. Woot.

What's frustrating is I'm usually up at night, and then make my way through various times of day before passing out. Which means I normally go downstairs to mess with things in the middle of the night. But the past couple nights, my brother and his girlfriend has been sleeping downstairs on the couch. I'm not sure why they is, but they is, and so I can't do anything. My clay stuffs were moved in to the room next to the couch, and there's no wall to separate it - so I can't rightly turn on the light to play without shining that light in their eye. And the basement isn't insulated enough, anything I do there echoes loundly, and so would bother them. Grr. So now I have to see about doing stuff when they're awake. Atleast that means I can steal in to his room and use his printer in the middle of the night... Okay, I've decided that I can mess with my clay while they're sleeping - atleast once morning hits. (630/7am ish) I have my mum's mini laptop, to which I've been downloading songs. Stick some headphones in and I'll have something to listen to while I'm quietly messing with clay.

The boyfriend took my car yesterday, and he's still not home. It's a bummer, because that means I've no idea when he'll be home, and when he does get home, he'll probably go straight to sleep. Today I had hoped that he and I and my bro and his girl would be able to go to the buffet at the casino. We can get in free because my mom is a huge gambler - she accumulates all these points that are good to redeem in the buffet. It's yummy there, and with the bro and his girl's work schedules, it's hard to get a time that would work to go. Then we have to make sure my mom's home so that she can be there to get us in. Usually it's not me or the bf that's the problem, because we're both unemployed, and so are often home. But of course, he's off. He doesn't have a cell anymore, so I can't call him. UGH. I'm hoping he'll be back soon, so I can talk to him about possibly waking him up in time to go tonight. *shrug* I don't even know where he is. He was being a smartass, and refusing to tell me where he was going - which he does occasionally. He'll then tell me when he gets home. It doesn't bother me, because normally, if he's out, he's at his parents' house, or a friend's house. They might drink at the friend's house, but he's fairly good about being responsible.

Anyhoo, I'm off for the day. Gonna bring the laptop downstairs and play.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

randomness... and a kitty

Oh look, it's Shia. Hee hee haha. Enough said.

So, my friend didn't get McNugget. Or Rio. But she did get another very cute kitty. His name at the shelter was Christopher. But, well, he just didn't look like a Christopher. So she renamed him Chase.
He's adorable and has fairly large paws. lol. And the whiskers on the right side of his face are really short. The shelter thinks they may have accidentally been snipped off when they removed the cone from his head. He'd been neutered. He's such a sweetie. Hehe.

Had a ton of fun watching DwtS, Castle, and NCIS. Cheering for my people on DwtS. Woot! And then giggling through Castle. My brother watched it with me, and even he found it fairly entertaining. NCIS still rocks, and I'm now just uncertain to whether or not I like NCIS LA. Hmm.

I'm surprised that I'm here... writing in this here blog. Lately, I've been barely pulling off one entry a week.

On one of the online worlds I play on, I'm part of a group full of writers. I don't write often, and most of the time I actually put something down in world, it's something ridiculously silly, and usually involving evil bananas. Anyway, every week, there's a newsletter, updating our group of any events that may be held in the next week, or new story drops that might be in world at our place. The group leader normally writes this newsletter, except when Summer hits. Then he takes a hiatus and allows anyone from the group to take a week at the newsletter. Well, this year he's taking a little longer than Summer for his hiatus, and has asked if I might be interested. While I am, I'm just not sure if I'd be able to. My "newsletters" are mainly me putting pictures together and making up ridiculous stories that involve our place. If I can't think of acceptable stories, I won't do it. Hmm... mayhaps I'll wander through our Grove and see if anything comes to mind.

I'll tell ya what is coming to mind right now though, that ED Forum Photo Project. October's theme is costume party. And boy do I love costumes... I may even try making more than one costume, and sticking a face on Etti to pose with GemmaNoire. Hee hee haha.

I talk about EDs frequently. And I've talked about my two BJDs Linny and Ethan, but that's about it as far as BJDs go. It's not the case in my head though. Ideally I'd add a couple more dolls to the mix. Of course, my adding of any dolls will be faaar down the line, way in the future, but it doesn't stop me from thinking about them. I just, think about them a lot less frequently than I do my dream ED.

I have three dolls on my "someday" list. I know that dolls come and go though, that they get sold out often, so I'm not really specific. I just know the brand. And the doll I like as of right now.

First: An Eldoll Tiny
I fell in love with this doll quite a few months ago. Probably the first doll after the ED that I did fall in love with. It's just so adorable. If I had to choose between the current dolls listed, it would definitely be a Mindelre:

Second: Lati Yellow
Another adorable doll I fell in love with, though this was months after EDs and Elfdoll tinies. I read the Reddiker Woodes so often, I just fell in love with Meguone's Ash. And because of Ash, I think my favorite Lati Yellow is Momo:

Third: Enchantment Doll, Captiva Briar
This one is a new discovery. New as in, it's only been a couple days. But I tell ya, I wandered these ladies for just moments before I knew I loved them. These particular Briars are limited edition, so it is unlikely that I find them in the future to be still available, but the regular edition Briar is lovely too. I like Four best of the Captiva Briar:

And so that is my extended wishlist. Of course, that would be after the... fifty EDs. Hahahaha. But yeah, I think the Elfdoll tiny is the doll I would want the most. And they're all just so cute. *le sigh*

On a somewhat completely unrelated note, I'm going to ask my father for an ED for Christmas. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



So what if he says no? Mayhaps I can get him to just contribute to my fund. It's not like he can get me the doll by Christmas. It would be a late present. For whenever my slot pops up. But meh, oh well.

I know you may be wondering "CHRISTMAS?! It's only just hit OCTOBER!!" But it's better to be prepared! Last year, I wasn't, and when my dad came to me to ask what I wanted, my response was:
"Um.... er... a... tire?"
Granted, it was because one of my tires was broken and so I needed it fixed, but my dad doesn't like giving presents like that. What's the fun in a tire?? So we wandered around Best Buy and Tiger Direct, and I eventually remembered I had wanted a tablet, and he reminded me of my lack of a camera. So those became my presents. Yaaay. I still use both of them. In fact, my tablet is my mouse at the moment. Though, I want a new mouse. The constant pressure my wrist makes with the desk is beginning to leave a mark. It used to do that, and I found that with a padded mousepad, the mark began to go away. But, there's no room for a padded mousepad... and what's the point of a mousepad if I need to use the tablet?

Anyhoo, my dad may or may not go for the whole "contributing to the ED fund" deal. He's not only the type of person who likes to give "fun" things, he's also the type who likes the idea of actual presents under the tree. So I may not be able to get him to agree.

If that's the case, I have written down a couple of... less expensive and more acquireable items. lol.
Castle Season 1,

A ukulele,

And an umbrella
are on my list. *le gasp* Mayhaps I could throw the Elfdoll Tiny on the list too! Hmm.... lol.

Bah, in all honesty, I hope he agrees to the ED contribution instead of the other presents. Any help would be lovely. *sigh*


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