Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Waterproof Mascara Review

Here's my review of the Flower Zoom-In Ultimate Waterproof Mascara in Intense Black. This retails for $7.98 at Walmart or

Some additional pics and last thoughts:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Flower Beauty Cream Blush and Concealer Review

Today I reviewed Flower Beauty's Win Some, Rouge Some Creme Blush in Peach Blossom, and Secret Service Cover-Up in CU3. Below is the video, and beneath the video are some extra pictures. :)

First the Cream Blush
Swatch on white paper.

My blush had a tiny dark speck on it, but that was easily removed.
The blush is a nice cream, it blends in really well. This one goes on very light, but is build-able if you want more color.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flower Beauty Lip Product Review and Pics

So here's Flower Beauty review number two. Flower Beauty is a new line of cosmetics by Drew Barrymore. A quote from their site reads:

 "You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the quality cosmetics you want and deserve."

Today I'm reviewing three different lip products - the Lip Service Lip Butter in Mauve Mimosa, the Shine On Lip Gloss in Baby's Breath, and the Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color in Morning Glory.

First off, here's my video review of these three products:

Here's some pictures of the tubes:

The fact that only the stickers have the name of each color really bothers me. I cut the part with the name and made sure to leave it on the package. The Kiss Stick's sticker did not require cutting though I believe. The lip butter package (top) is so bulky it's ridiculous.

Mariah Carey OPI Liquid Sand Nail Lacquer Pics and Review

A few weeks back I won a giveaway that gave me these OPI - Mariah Carey Liquid Sand Mini Collection.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flower Beauty Nail'd It Nail Lacquer Review

So here's one of many upcoming reviews, though how many of those reviews will be in blog form, I do not yet know. I went to Walmart a few days ago to get some Flower Beauty products. Flower Beauty is a new line of cosmetics by Drew Barrymore. A quote from their site reads:

 "You no longer have to spend a lot of money to get the quality cosmetics you want and deserve."

I got a few different products, but today I'm going to start with the nail polish, or the Nail'd It Nail Lacquer.

I got two, one in That's Just Dan-de-lion, and one in Gorgeous Gerbera.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Short blog... Here's hoping your Valentine's Day is/has been lovely. Mine's been pretty chill. My guy isn't here at the moment, but shall be here soonish. I don't think we're going out or anything, just snuggling up and watching netflix most likely.

He actually got me an early Valentine's Day present, which I vlogged about, but don't think I ever shared it here:

And then today I posted a new vlog, just me sitting around, talking about my love for St. Patrick's Day. lol.

I'm still trying to figure out where I want to sit/stand when I'm doing these videos.

Spoonflower contest update... I finished 120th with 81 votes.  I was originally planning on entering one more of the listed future contests, but have since changed my mind. I might have burned myself out just a smidgen when it comes to drawing entries and whatnot. So I shall slow down on the creative contest entering. Limit myself to the "Enter here!" contests.  lol.  I do have a design in mind that I'd like to get as a fabric to make decorative pillows out of... but that'll take some time yet.

As for other contest updates...

~I was going to enter another Doctor Who contest, but I can no longer find the facebook post, so I might not bother with it, especially since it's another creative entry and based on likes.

~The Enchanted Doll contest entry is due February 28th. I've had my entry done for like, three weeks now, but have been waiting to make sure it's what I want to enter. I gave myself until this Saturday to decide so I can mail it out. I think I'm mailing two, just in case one doesn't make it. I'll share more on that when the contest is over. :)

~The writing contest in There is over, and I did not win, but still enjoyed reading all the other entries. Honestly, my heart just wasn't in this year's theme. It happens. *shrug*

I have a couple review blog posts I plan on writing up, so yay on that. I'm really sorry if anyone reading this doesn't like reading reviews. I shall attempt to include "review" in the title, so you can just skip those posts. :)

That's all for now. Toodles!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maybelline Color Whispers - Rave, Review, and Tiny Giveaway (Pic Heavy)

For a long while now, I've been on the lookout for a lipstick I could love. And I think I found it in Color Whispers by Maybelline.
Description on official site:
Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel.
No heavy waxes or oils.
Soft, sexy gel-color.

I dislike judging a book by it's cover, but I was initially immediately drawn to the display by the looks of the lipstick, as much as I hate to say it. The lipstick tube is slightly thinner than most, and the clear top paired with the wispy font appealed to me, and I decided I had to try this lipstick. There are twenty colors to choose from. I started out with just one color - Bare to Be Bold - and loved it so much I now have what you see above.*

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alien Brain Hemorrhages and revamping a purse

Hey there! So it's Thursday again. This might become a thing, blogging at least every Thursday... meh. Not sure yet.

I finished in 68th place with my mardi gras beads entry on Spoonflower. 93 votes. Hee.

And this week is the "Love Letters" inspired contest, which I also entered. There are 24 pages of entries! Geeze. (View all the entries here.)

 Mine is called Daisy Love, My Daisy Love, and you can see it here. Can't put the a pic of it here because I'm not using the 'puter I used to make the picture, and I'm using a netbook that has light ubuntu installed (*shrugs*) and I can't get a print screen to work.

But you might not need to click to see the image. If you're using a non-mobile device to read this, then it's the daisies with the heart centers that are alongside the writings here. When I redesigned, I used them because I felt they were adorable. The only difference between the daisies here and the daisies in my entry is that my entry is clearer. I put a texture filter over the ones I used here, so it wouldn't look so plain. It is plain in my entry on Spoonflower, but that's intentional, because I like the idea of a clean print for the fabric.

The idea behind it is actually a small story, but luckily isn't needed to appreciate the cute picture. lol.

 You see, my guy and I like to give each other compliments, the most common are "You're amazing!" and "You're adorable!" One day, my guy got flubbed up and tried to say both at the same time, which came out as "You're a-dai-zing!" We both laughed and adapted that as a way to say both, only we changed it slightly to "You're a daisy!"

So when the theme on Spoonflower's contest was essentially "love", I thought of our love, and how we're both daisies to each other. :)

(Originally I had a completely different idea, but that got scrapped because I didn't like how it was going. So technically, the thought of our love came after that. Hehe)

Anyhoo, moving on....

The other night I was looking through the pictures still on my camera, and I came across a few I wanted to share. I used to empty the pictures on my camera on a weekly/monthly basis, but since my computer died, I haven't deleted much of anything. So first, we just have some pretty alcohol pictures.

Have you heard of the Alien Brain Hemorrhage? Ever since first happening across a picture of the pretty alcohol shot, I'd wanted to try it myself. Last year, we went out and got the ingredients for it.

Here they are, aren't they lovely looking??
Ingredients for an Alien Brain Hemorrhage:
~Peach Schnapps
~Blue Curacao

You fill a shot glass halfway with peach schnapps.
Top with Baileys carefully, otherwise the Bailey's mixes. Then you put a tiny bit of the blue curacao in, and a tiny bit more of the grenadine.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Product I can't live without - Natrol melatonin

 I have always, always, had problems sleeping. When I was little, I would sneak out of my room to watch tv in the living room at 2 am. Usually either The Dick Van Dyke Show, or the British Whose Line is it Anyway? or sometimes a movie, like Mary Poppins. In high school, on days I couldn't sleep, I'd often curl up on the couch with a romance novel and, being the slow reader I am, I'd finish the book just in time to "wake up" for school.


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