Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2nd. Iggle Craft Challenge

I'm thinking it's probably a safe bet to say I won't be doing BEDA this year. My heart's just not in it. Mayhaps I'll try Blogging Every Day in August?

Today I just wanted to share my project for March's Iggle Craft Challenge. The challenge was to use two ounces of green baking clay, with a pencil to be used as a tool. This is what I made:

 He's a little, faceless turtle sculpture with four-leaf clovers drawn on to his shell. I named him Lucky Leo. He sits here and stares at me without staring at me because he doesn't have a face. Heh heh.

This month's challenge:

Duct tape. That's it. I've no idea what I'll be making yet, but there's no minimum or maximum amount of duct tape required so it could be anything. We shall see.

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