Monday, February 8, 2010

And now for a commercial break.

So... I was thinking... about past shows... and parts that made me laugh...

Can anyone else relate? Remember watching a television show when you were younger, (or even recently) and catching a part of it that made you laugh hysterically... and never forgot it? I went searching for clips to share with you my laughs. Hee hee.

First... we have Married with Children. (About 5 minutes and 37 seconds in to the show.)
Buck, (the dog) in an attempt to prove he's not senile, decides to bury a bone. (actually an anniversary present for Peggy.) He bumps in to the coffee table and says "oh, excuse me madam." (rofl) He finds the "bone" and on the way to the backyard, bumps in to the couch. "Will you stop following me?!" (ROFLMAO)

Here's a link to the specific time it happens.

Next, there's Murphy Brown. Yep, I used to watch Murphy Brown when I was a kid... as in like... 5-7 years old. lol. Only one part of Murphy Brown stood out for me though. (about 1 minute and 24 seconds in to this clip) Murphy is at the hospital, basically ready to pop, but not just yet. She goes for a walk around the halls, and while she's with Miles, she starts to yell in pain. Miles, quick thinker that he is, dove to catch the baby - should the baby just pop right out. Hehe haha. That part was hiLARIOUS to me even as a kid.

A link to the specific time it happens - though the part before it is pretty funny too. hehe.

Sadly, I have one more specific funny scene I remember, but Fox apparently doesn't allow the Simpsons to be thrown on Youtube, so I was unable to find a clip of it. (Booooooo) I shall just have to explain. It's on the show "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Marge" or something like that. (season 11, episode 21) I think Marge is on the phone in the kitchen, and Homer wanders in happily, sits, puts his hand on the table, and pulls out a knife. He then plays a knife game - the one where you quickly try and jab the knife in between your fingers - the object being to not hit your fingers. (what an incredibly stupid game) Homer... is not very good at this game. He hits his fingers with every single jab, saying "ow" each time.
Marge finally says over her shoulder (I think) "Homer, quit playing knife games at the kitchen table."
To which Homer responds, while holding his bloodied hand, "I didn't hit your precious table."


And here's another moment I, again, was unable to find a youtube link to, which is sad. And frustrating. How could people get so much of the rest of the infomercial, and not the best part?! It happens on Nads. Nads is an all natural hair removal system... similar to waxing I believe.

The ladies are all sitting at a table, and one says something like "you know, I hate harsh chemicals, because I have small children, and I'm so afraid they'll get into something they shouldn't."
The nads lady says, "Oh! Well, you know, Nads is all natural, so you can eat it if you want! Here! Try some!"
*All ladies "dig in" with exclamations of "mmm!"*
One lady, "Now I have two reasons to buy Nads! To remove hair, and to put it on my toast!"



...WHAT!? This part of the infomercial made me laugh hysterically because um... they're eating hair remover. EXCUSE ME??? How is this going to make me want to buy Nads?! I sat with a horrified look on my face during the entire scene until the "toast" bit. THAT'S what set me off on a fit of hysterical laughter. YEAH! Let's pay tons of money for a hair removal system... and then just use it as an alternative to butter on toast! YAAAY!

Apparently though, (found while I was trying to find SOME footage of this scene) some dude did try to eat it, and basically gave it a fairly yummy review.

Another one was Family Guy, (can't find the youtube for it...again.) Peter finds that his house is not on the map, and therefore not a part of the US. He dubs his land "Petoria." (Peterland was already taken by a gay bar.) Lois is giving the news a tour of their land and mentions that they're hoping to get to the moon soon. Cut to nighttime - Chris, at the top of their tree in the backyard, reaching for the moon saying "almost.... almost.... aaahh!" *falls* "They should really leave this to monkeys."
HAHAHAHAHA... It's the reaching for the moon from a tree that gets me. HEeee

Another laugh was always had with Whose Line is it Anyway? I used to watch the UK version at all odd hours of the night... when I was in middle school. Ha. I'd "go to sleep," then sneak out of my room, and watch in the living room. No easy feat when you consider the fact that my mother, brother and I all shared the same big bedroom. Haha. Tony Slattery was my favorite one on there, followed by Colin Mochrie. Loved them. Ryan was cool too. I used to actually remember parts that were funny... but there's just so much to remember! lol.
A link to tee hee.

The US version of Whose Line was pretty awesome too. I'm so glad Colin and Ryan were still there. Hehe.

ha.... okay, so maybe my moments of hysterical laughter are "speshul". :P I only bring these up because I recently came across the Married with Children episode on TV, and it still brought tears to my eyes. Hee. Anyone else have moments they'd like to share? :D

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


[Please note: this entry was actually written yesterday, but I was a good girl and decided to work more on my project rather than worry about uploading the pictures that went with this rambling... of course... I decided to upload the pictures now... so... yeah... back to work I go.]
Distractions... Ugh. UGH. I despise distractions. And I am oh so easily distracted. No time! NO TIME NOXY! Need this project done in about a month!! Stop STARING at the cute guy on YOUTUBE and GET BACK TO WORK!!! Someone beat me with a mirror of erised so I can see what I DESIRE and get it DONE.

Youtube aside.. Linny was sitting on my desk. Looking sad. Because I seemed to have misplaced her purple wig... so she's bald. (In the last post of her, I threw some green wool over her head... pretended it was a hat. Ha) And dunno if you noticed, but she was wearing a sock. Ha. I was pretending it was a night gown. I never got around to putting her outfit back on after halloween... and she couldn't keep parading around as a ninja turtle... she was scaring my other dolls... so I had her in the "nightgown". And so anyway, she was sitting on my desk. I'm actually not sure if she was "sad." Mayhaps more "frustrated." Or "angry." Or "EXCUSE ME... why the EFF am I sitting here BALD in a SOCK?!"

So... instead of searching for her signature outfit (her barbie halter/olive jeans/hoodie) or the outfit I made her, (blue leotard and a tutu) I once again raided my barbie bag, and found her some clothes. Another halter, and some bermuda shorts. At least... I think they're bermuda shorts. I fail at fashion. I also gave her an annina scarf to wear, since it's a bit chilly. And then I made her a wig. Cuz her new outfit doesn't count unless she has hair. So here she is:
I gave her an ice cream from my Tencats stash to try and placate her. She seems satisfied now. So all is well. Her new hair is poofy. It makes me giggle. Hehe.

Then, while getting back to work on my entry, I decided I wanted to share my ghetto tools for clay making. So I took a pic. Tada:

The mechanical pencil and the scrapbook stylus thinger are both used very rarely.

The item I use most/all the time is the exacto knife.

The 8-way nail file thing is a new addition. I realized I needed some fine sand paper, but I'd used it all! And I'm currently broke... so then what?? Well, last time I was at the Dollar Tree, (everything for $1 or less... woot!) I realized my 4-way nail file/polish block thing was worn out, so I should get another one. I upgraded to the 8-way... but never opened it. I saw it the other day while wondering what I would do for sand paper... and voila! It works great. I only use the first 4 boards - extra coarse, coarse, medium, and fine. I'm so going back to the Dollar Tree sometime to get another one. For when I run this one down. lol.

And the perfume bottle is my rolling pin. Woot. It's an old scent by mark. And by old I mean like... 6 years old. lol. I bought this one (grapefruit ginger) along with another, (kiwi lotus) and absolutely loved one, hated the other. Which one is this? Well... you might not be able to notice from the picture, but there's still scent in it for a reason. XD

So yep, those are my clay making tools. Other than those, I use my hands. Woot. Ghetto tools. Hee hee haha.

Then I decided I needed a "kill me now" treat.

The reason ice cream is a "kill me now" treat is because.. well, I'm not supposed to have dairy. Dairy hates me. And yet... here I am... eating ice cream with whipped cream on top... damn that Linny... she made me want ice cream I tell ya.

SO.... while I was actually working on the project... I... well, this is probably well known if you read this blog often, but I'm accident prone. Add that to the fact that my weapon of choice against the war of clay is an exacto knife? Disastrous. Clay making is a dangerous hobby. So I try to be extra careful. But... then I get distracted... or forget... and BAM!

My first reaction when cut?
"is it going to bleed?"
Why? Well, because only when it bleeds do I deem it necessary to apply first aid skills to it. I cut/scrape/slice/maim myself entirely too often to worry about first aiding every injury.. I hate bandages on my hands while I'm working... or well, anytime. I also hate gloves. Don't cover my hands! Grrr!

So it bleeds. My next thought?
"That blood looks so fake..."
Yeah... no explanation there. Maybe it's been a while since I've seen my own blood?

So, yeah, it's bleeding. Right. Now it stings. First aid next? Nope.

Oooh yeah... I know you were wanting to see the thin bleeding scratch on my hand. Yep.

It's washed, hydrogen peroxided, neosporined, and bandaged now. And because it's in an awkward place, the bandage keeps popping off when I work. GRrrr!

NOW... now... enough talky talky. Back to worky worky. I'm doing well I think on my project. I wish I could be more specific... but as it is a surprise... *gags herself with a piece of soggy steamed okra*

...what? Steamed okra makes me gag. Bleh. Nasteh.

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