Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Oh hey there.... blog. You're still here, are you? Craziness.

Been a long time since I've blogged. Ha. Fail. I don't know, I guess I lost interest. I mean, I know I have, because occasionally I'll think, "Hey! I haven't written in my blog lately!" And my immediate response to that is usually, "So?"

But here I am. Writing. It will be short though. To wish anyone who comes across my blog a happy happy New Year. Hope this year's lovely for you.

This year, I'm going to do something I haven't really done since grade school, and even back then I was forced. I'm going to make resolutions. Weird. When I was little, I never saw the point - still don't really - so I always made some stupid resolution, like "I resolve to do my homework every night". So this year I'm actually making some, and seeing where that leads. Of course, I won't be posting them here, because even if I'm deciding to do something different and making resolutions and all, I still don't see a point in sharing them. I mean, what, that way I can share with the world that I failed them? Don't most resolutions not work anyway? LOL. No, I shall keep them to myself, and mayhaps, if I'm successful, mayhaps I'll share then.

Happy New Year folks. I love you all.

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