About Lady noxy

-name (lowercase)
1.The name of a copper alien made by me in high school.
2.The preferred name of the woman writing this.

 -related forms

·dy nox·y

Random facts:
-I'm half white and half filpino, born in California, and never learned Tagalog, nor any other language.
-I read sappy romance novels, because I know they have happy endings.
-I love to slice up onions... dunno why
-Cows are my favorite land animals
-Whales harks are my favorite water animal
-If I trusted myself with handling fish, I would get a canary yellow goldfish as a pet - and name it Icarus
 -I still love stuffed animals - sad, no?
-I'm a dog person
-I'm a sucker for Disney Pixar movies - my favorite is Ratatouille
-I'm also a lover of movie musicals
-I log on to facebook every day, but I don't play the games anymore, and I don't post status updates often
-I daydream... a lot - it saves me from the emotions I face when back in reality
-Bananas are evil
-Aside from Pokemon, the only other anime I've ever watched was Yu Yu Hakusho - I watched that entire series and loved it.
-I'm a night person, I hate the day
-I don't go out much. Much as in rarely ever at all. Mayhaps hanging out occasionally with a friend. Or a trip to a store. Don't feel bad for me, it's my own preference. Originally, I thought it was due to lack of friends, but thinking deeper, I'm just not the outgoing type. I don't feel comfortable in public, crowded situations, (stage fright) nor am I very comfortable in smaller, private scenes.
-That being said, I'm in a relationship with a social person... so I'm finding myself outside of my comfort zone a bit.
-I love dandelions, daisies, and calla lilies 

-I ramble when writing (sorry!)

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