Friday, March 8, 2013

Nails, postcards, and stuff

Just a warning, there's probably going to be three posts today. I was going to do one normal post and one review post, but decided to split up the one post. Heh.

Did my nails for St Patrick's Day! I wasn't planning on doing them until next week, I had planned on wearing a different polish this week - a Maybelline Color Show polish I got in the limited edition spring collection. It's called Blast of Blue, but it looked like there might be some purple up in there too. Had wanted to check it out, but now it shall have to wait until after St. Patrick's Day. heh.

I used Sinful Colors in Irish Green for the main green in this design. I bought it just for St. Paddy's Day, and I do have to say real quick - I hate it. I really wish there was somewhere on the bottle that SAID "matte" if it's matte, because I dislike matte. I wouldn't have gotten it had I known ahead of time. Plus the polish took ages to dry. I waited twenty minutes between the first and second coats, then another ten minutes between the second and third, and it still took forever to dry. To the point where I had to restart half of my nails because they'd gotten ruined when I tried to move on too soon. Ugh.

I have a like/hate relationship with Sinful Colors - I've purchased colors I liked well enough before - though after this last time I'm thinking now I might just stick to their glitters. They're $2 a bottle, but so are NYC, Wet n Wild, and Love My Nails, and I've never had so much trouble with any of those. Be sure to kick me if I ever buy another Sinful Nails that's not just glitter. Heh.

Moving on...
Tomorrow my guy and I will have been together for one year now. Seems longer and shorter at the same time. So I thought I'd share a pic of us. This was taken on Feb 23rd. I'll probably snap a couple pics of us tomorrow too. :)

Sharing a pic from last June, I had saved it to put here on the blog and then forgot about it:
There's my brother and my sis-in-law, and he's wearing the finger I made him. :)

So a little while back, I mentioned entering this year's Enchanted Doll contest. I didn't make it in to the top 50, but I'm not surprised, I enjoyed looking through the 50 that did make it.

My entry was of a place called the Seven Jungle Pools located in There.

I got four postcards printed and mailed two, just in case one might not make it.
I love the Seven Pools. They relax me. :)

There's even a "secret pool" inside a door. :)


So today is another lesson in songwriting on Coursera. I split the first lesson in two, did the first half right after I posted here, then did the rest on Monday. This Monday is when the first assignment is due, and I've already done it, but Monday I'll be participating in peer reviews. It's a bit jumbled, how the assignments, quizzes, and lessons work. Lesson on Friday, the quizzes are due the following friday, so you have 7 days. Then the assignment given on Lesson Friday is due the Monday after the quizzes are due, so 10 days. Then Peer Reviews are to be done Assignment Monday through Thursday. Or something like that. Heh. No singing required yet, nor written lyrics, though I haven't technically checked out today's lesson yet.  Just working out some basics. So far, I'm still interested. But it's only been a week. lol.

Alright, originally, I was going to write about cookies next, but decided I should just write about cookies in a separate post. So I shall be off for now. :)

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